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Purple Star Burst Information

Purple Star Burst is known to be a cross between Starburst OG and Purple Punch F2. The blending of these two cannabis strains resulted in this hybrid bud carrying about 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. The most common effects of this hybrid weed strain include a burst of happy and euphoric feelings that usually tackle symptoms of mood swings and stress effectively.


Purple Star Burst contains THC levels that generally average around 18% with a CBD of about 1% or less. The main terpene of this marijuana flower is known to be caryophyllene. The top reported aroma notes of Purple Starburst include fruity, candy, pine, and diesel highlights. The first waves of the high delivered by this weed plant are usually energetic with mood-boosting and stimulating qualities followed by a relaxing sensation that may be calming and comforting.


Well-Rounded Beneficial Effects


Purple Star Burst, with a fruit candy and pine aroma coupled with a taste of grapes and diesel notes, is a 50:50 Sativa:Indica weed hybrid with well-balanced effects. The euphoric and uplifting effects of this bud may guide your mental and physical state into an energetic boost. This may be followed by an elevation in creativity and happy feelings, even giggles. The relaxing properties of Purple Starburst may ease tensions (or potentially other physical aches) in your body while promoting a state of calmness.


Energetic. A burst of energy is one of the top reported effects of this cannabis strain. This effect may increase your creativity and productivity levels.


Euphoric and uplifted. Besides a stimulating push of energy, the high of Purple Star Burst may elevate your mind and mood with feelings of euphoria and happiness. This may reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, allowing for a state of calmness to take the lead.


Talkative. With the euphoric, uplifting, and energetic effects of this weed strain, you could potentially become more social and talkative.


Medical ailment. Purple Star Burst may help marijuana users with a variety of medical struggles, including but not limited to fatigue, PTSD, epilepsy, headaches, and more.


Insomnia. As the energetic surge of this hybrid starts to wear off, a comforting relaxation usually takes over. This may lead the user into a state of calmness that can make way for sleepiness.


Delightful Aroma And Flavour Notes


Purple Star Burst usually delights the user with sweet notes of apricot, grapes, and pineapples upon breaking the buds open. Usually, these notes can be noticed in the taste of this weed strain, resulting in an enjoyable experience.


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