Rainbow Kush (Smalls)

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Rainbow Kush (Smalls) Information

Rainbow Kush is a multi-coloured cannabis strain. This is one of the reasons why it earned the Rainbow name as it is a pure delight for the eyes to see.


Crossing Master Kush and Montel’s Pride with the legendary Indica Hindu Kush created this heavily Indica-dominant plant with an 85/15 Indica to Sativa ratio. Its THC levels usually average around 18% with some batches offering some variations to this.


This rainbow-coloured strain is continuously gaining popularity, not just because of its appearance, but also because of its pleasant piney flavour with gentle notes of earthy, spicy, and coffee. Rainbow Kush is oftentimes used in cases of pain, nausea, and lack of appetite.


Several Health Benefits


Rainbow Kush is a moderately potent marijuana bud that offers some pain-relieving and mood-boosting properties that may leave you feeling slightly creative and sociable at the beginning parts of the high. This good-tasting bud does find a place and a purpose among cannabis consumers as it contains several health properties.


Painful Conditions. This Indica strain may be helpful in alleviating a myriad of conditions that cause pain, such as arthritis, back pain, muscular pain, and potentially even nerve-related pain.


Nausea. Some users of this strain have been reporting about Rainbow Kush’s antiemetic properties as well which could potentially be very useful in cases of nausea. This is usually followed by an increase in appetite.


Mood Boost. This marijuana flower may offer temporary relief to individuals struggling with mild cases of anxiety or depression.


The Rainbow Look


Rainbow Kush is a stunning cannabis strain that features distinctive and vivid colours, including vibrant pink, fiery red, bright yellow and orange. Shades of greens, blues, and purple are also present with touches of white. This plant is covered in sticky crystal-like trichomes.


The entire spectrum of rainbow pigments can be seen on this flower when it is closest to the end of its flowering time. The beautiful colourful vibrancy of this strain undoubtedly makes it one of the most beautiful cannabis buds.


A Wide Array Of Aroma


An array of pleasant aromas can be experienced with this strain, but its piney scent and taste are what you will be noticing most followed by hints of spicy notes and fruity sweetness.


Rainbow Kush provides moderate THC levels, which means that users will unlikely become overly high with this strain, especially experienced users. But, we still recommend being mindful of the dosage consumed based on each individual’s tolerance levels.

6 reviews for Rainbow Kush (Smalls)

  1. Lauren

    Great feeling. Used it before going to bed and it really helped calm my thoughts to focus on sleep.

  2. Rob

    This is one of my favourites here. This strain had a well cured, rich terpine profile and smoked really nice and smooth. I generally smoke it before bedtime. Pairs nicely with their Afghan sword hash

  3. Melissa

    This strain is a little more on the weak side so I wouldn’t recommend for seasoned smokers but would be good for a beginner. Not too sedating so you can get things done without couch lock but still feel relaxed. Good for a daytime smoke as long as you’re staying in doing chores and not planning on going out.

  4. Terran

    This was my first order through MMJ Direct and I’m happy to give them a 10/10. Ordering was easy and arrived a day early, very well packaged, and the product itself is even better quality than I had hoped for. Left me very relaxed but alert, and the pain relief was significant and instant. Uplifting but in a very mellow way. Would highly recommend for anyone who is looking for pain relief while still being able to function during the day, and I can see this helping at night as well for the relaxing effect and pain relief. Will definitely be ordering this again! 🙂

  5. Ryan

    Just gave this the ole college try, and kaboom. This flower is some of the best, as it calmed my anxiety. I felt euphoric, but was able to focus and go about my day high as a kite. This has a delightful flavor and smoke. This is also good smoke before bedtime as its relaxing effects are welcomed as I finished my day. This is a must for any and all cannabis users. I will definitely be purchasing this again.

  6. Fadi

    Overall, this strain was great for helping my appetite and getting some good sleep. It delivers an excellent high to help slow the brain and makes those forgotten midnight snacks

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