Raw Rolling Papers – Classic Single-Wide

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Raw Rolling Papers – Classic Single-Wide Information

RAW Rolling Papers – Classic are unmatched in terms of quality, purity of the paper, and the smoothness of the smoke. The manufacturer uses a natural blend of unbleached plant fibers and natural gumline to create the perfect burn rate for each individual rolling paper. The high plant fiber content ensures the rolling paper doesn’t crumble or lose its consistency. The Criss-Cross watermark maintains the smooth smoke we’ve all come to love and enjoy!

RAW adheres to an all-natural and organic principle, which means they don’t use any chlorine, GMOs, chalk, or added dyes. Their rolling papers are also vegan-friendly for widespread accessibility. These Classic RAW Rolling Papers are the peak of quality in terms of rolling papers. Nothing ever comes closer to these rolling papers, so to speak.


What do the RAW Rolling Papers – Classic look and taste like?


Authentic RAW Rolling Papers are simple yet refined, keeping in line with their principles of simplicity and perfection. In their own words, the RAW Rolling Papers are the best in the world, whether in terms of appearance or taste. Speaking of taste, these rolling papers are tasteless and odourless, which is exactly what you want from a good-quality rolling paper.


Think about it – when smoking cannabis, do you want the taste or smell of the rolling paper to interfere with the taste of the weed? No, you don’t! No one wants that. That’s why the tasteless and odourless RAW Rolling Papers – Classic are perfectly suited for weed smoking. In fact, we can say that these rolling papers are the perfect match for any cannabis strain out there!


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