Raw Unbleached Hemp – Kingsize Slim

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1 Booklet – 32 Papers
110mm x 42mm

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Raw Unbleached Hemp – Kingsize Slim Information

The Raw Unbleached Hemp Kingsize Slim – the first and last rolling papers you’re going to be using from now on. Made from an original blend of unbleached and natural fibres, these great rolling papers are the perfect choice for the natural-minded smoker who wants a taste of heaven. They are so thin that you can even see through the natural brown hue of the rolling papers themselves.

Moreover, since they’re originating from a desire to make an additive-free rolling paper, the Raw rolling papers are much less-processed then other rolling papers. In this sense, they’re unlike anything else you’ve tried before. The taste is one of a kind organic aroma that extracts all the potential from the cannabis you’re smoking.

To buy Raw Unbleached Hemp Kingsize Slim online, there’s only one place that can provide an easy and efficient purchasing process – MMJDirect. Just place the product in the shopping bin, complete the shipping details, checkout, and complete the payment. As soon as we validate the payment, we’ll send the package via Canada Post!

Why are these rolling papers superior to others?

Besides the all-organic ingredients used in the manufacturing of these rolling papers, there’s one more thing that sets them apart from other rolling papers. The run-preventing watermark system with cross-weave patterning and vertical hard-stop lines will keep your smokes burning slowly and evenly, each and every time. This technique is unique to Raw, as you won’t find this characteristic in other rolling papers.

Smoking cannabis joints using these rolling papers is a supremely enjoyable experience and not something you’d want to miss out on. This is what the cannabis enthusiasts who have bought the Raw Unbleached Hemp Kingsize Slim said. Few things can compare to the delicious aftertaste and resistance of these rolling papers.

Is the shipping method secure?

When you buy Raw Unbleached Hemp Kingsize Slim online in Canada, we send the package via Canada Post. Moreover, we use unlabeled protective boxes and smell-proof bags to ensure total discretion throughout the shipping procedure. If you don’t receive the package in 5 days at most, we will replace it for free!

As for the payment method, our instructions are clear enough so that nothing unforeseen happens. We employ state-of-the-art security countermeasures so that our users can make purchases safely on MMJDirect. The Raw Unbleached Hemp Kingsize Slim are the best rolling papers you’ll ever try!

6 reviews for Raw Unbleached Hemp – Kingsize Slim

  1. Henry

    Good papers with well sticking glue, throw a filter in there and you are all set to go.

  2. Nikol

    Love these long papers, when we used to be able to share joints with a group! Now that I mostly smoke solo (even with others smoking around me) I like to cut these papers in half and roll baby doobies. Perfect for a solo smoke session and no smoking a roach later if you know what I mean 😉

  3. Matias

    Normal papes but Raw papers are always good.

  4. Jamelie

    Really comes in handy to know I can buy my favorite papes here

  5. Aman

    Is what is

  6. Amélie

    Just good old raw kingsize papes

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