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Raw Unbleached Tips Information

The Raw Unbleached Tips will help you make some of the greatest joints you’ve smoked in your life. The tasteless unbleached fibres that these tips contain are very easy to use and very high-quality as well. You can roll these tips in a spiral shape or zig-zag the end, then roll it up for a sturdy roach tip.

The Raw manufacturer produces the best joint papers and tips on the market, and our online dispensary has been collaborating with Raw for quite some time now. These tips are made in Alcoy, Spain, because that’s the only place in the world where they can produce them. That’s where the only paper machines able to create these tips.

Why are these Raw Unbleached Tips so good?

The reason why many people prefer to buy Raw Unbleached Tips from us is that they have a set of specific properties:

  • They do not dissolve
  • They are chlorine and chemical-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • They roll smooth
  • The structure is rigid and maintains the same shape during use
  • Tasteless tips made from all-natural ingredients

It’s one thing to make your own joints using bad-quality papers and deal with unsmooth rolling and a joint that dissolves fast, and another to use the Raw Unbleached Tips. These tips will improve your joint-smoking experience by a huge amount. You should feel more at peace and more relaxed while smoking these joints because the cannabis content won’t be wasted at all.

Raw Unbleached Tips are perforated for easy use and made to the same high quality as the Raw papers. Using unbleached fibres gives you a natural tip with no taste, which is exactly what most users want. Where to buy Raw Unbleached Tips? MMJDirect is the online dispensary Canada that provides an optimal purchasing experience!

20 reviews for Raw Unbleached Tips

  1. Carlos

    This is beyond helpful and no need to look around for something to rip apart.
    Bring it with you and stay ready for when you need to roll on the go!
    No mess!

  2. Benjamin

    j adores les tips pratique pour les 2 papiers et plus santé que fumer du carton de boite de céréale avec de la peinture et de la colle industriel

  3. Travis

    They’re simple, inexpensive, and get the job done. Can’t go wrong!

  4. Tristan

    Pretty standard and solid rolling tips

  5. Stephanie

    Sooo much easier to use these than cutting up some scrap paper, can’t believe I used to go without it!

  6. Jen

    These are a must in my stash kit. Love these filters, no wasted product or burnt finger tips.

  7. Lindsay

    I always use a tip for my joints and only use a random piece of cardboard when I have run out. I love these tips because they are unbleached (better for you and the enviro) and they roll really well for a skinny or fat joint. I actually fold mine lengthwise in half, and tear it down the middle for a shorter tip and it makes one book go a lot further. These pair well with Raw unbleached papers.

  8. Matias

    Good quality filters kinda cheap? Anywayz they make the dream work.

  9. Viviane

    so much better than scraping an old cigarettes box

  10. Cole

    These are my favorite brand of filter paper ever, Raw never dissapoints! These are infinitely better than using a strip of cardboard or whatever you have around. They curl up nicely and youre able to roll them tightly for easy joint insertion. How many times have you had a crappy filter fall out your joint mid smoke? These never fall out and ive had plenty of experience with these over the years. I will always buy these

  11. Jean-Francois

    nice product for a good price

  12. Jad

    Easy handling, clean and the quality of the tips is smooth for the fingers. I highly recommend

  13. Alana

    I hate hate hate having to look around for filter, it is one of the banes of my existence. Also, if you are using random filters, you never know what chemicals are on them. YUCK! I love RAW filters because they are just that, raw and unbleached. They are easy to use, work amazing in the RAW roller if you have one and always give a nice smooth smoke. Plus you have the peace of mind knowing that there aren’t any harsh chemicals coming into your body. My #1 filters!

  14. Ilyas


  15. Catlin

    Always an essential for rolling. These are my go to

  16. Debra

    LOVE these, no more residue stains on the fingers

  17. Jeff

    Great product, and Raw is always clean (no bleaches, etc). Definitely my go-to tips.

  18. Michael

    very handy for when you don’t have a business card to use!

  19. Clement

    These are very convenient, and they don’t “square”: no more fighting when rolling!

  20. Connor

    Great for filters. Easy to roll and the perfect size for a joint!

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