Rejuvenating Face Oil

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CBD rich formula with Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Neroli, and Frankensense

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Rejuvenating Face Oil Information

** cannalife has discontinued their product line, this will be our last shipment **

The Rejuvenating Face Oil is one of those products that you’ll be skeptical about until you see its effects in action. Many clients have called it an anti-aging formula that refreshes your face substantially. The truth is the Rejuvenating Face Oil contains pure essential oils and seed oils that are 100% organic. These are premium ingredients that bring many benefits.

The manufacturer, Cannalife, is a handcrafted line of botanicals based out of breathtaking Squamish, BC. They use locally sourced and organic ingredients to grow as much as they can in their gardens. The result is that you can buy Rejuvenating Face Oil online on MMJDirect on a very accessible price!

Is it safe to buy Rejuvenating Face Oil online? If you follow the instructions that we send you via email, everything will be alright!

How to apply the oil

A small amount of the Rejuvenating Face Oil goes a long way in pushing toward substantial facial improvements. Apply the oil and then massage in a circular motion around your face and neck. It should nourish, balance, renew, and rejuvenate your tired skin, bringing a new radiance and overall smoother skin. It should also prevent wrinkles, blemishes, and sunspots.

This oil is lightweight and non-sticky, thus leaving a silky soft finish and offering a quick absorption rate. This means your face won’t remain oily or overly-saturated with the Rejuvenating Face Oil. Your skin will easily absorb it thanks to the great 100% organic composition.

To buy Rejuvenating Face Oil Online in Canada, our online dispensary is one of the best providers of this product in the industry. You can buy it in 10ml or 30ml quantities, and both bottles will have a dropper lid for easier administering. We recommend this product to people who want an alternative solution to wrinkles and sunspots!

5 reviews for Rejuvenating Face Oil

  1. Tim

    Gave it to my friend as a gift along with a few lip balms. She loved it. She says it really helps her dry skin. It lasts all day and the smell is delicious.

  2. Matthew

    lovee love love

  3. Justin

    This oil is amazing. Use it before bed and after my shower in the morning. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth, as well hydrated. Highly recommend!

  4. Dana

    Just want to add a second review on this oil.
    I’ve been pretty lucky to have great skin as an adult, but recently since being home a lot I developed a terrible rash on my face. (Probably a combination of stress, diet, and alcohol) Anyways, I tried hydrocortisone cream, different moisturizers, drying it out, basically everything. Then for two days, I tried using nothing but this face oil on the area, and it is now almost gone. I am sooo impressed and relieved!

  5. Jen

    I LOVE this oil. It smells great (very light smell), absorbs quickly, moisturizes well (not greasy) and leaves skin super soft and healthy looking. I usually have sensitive skin and eyes (to the smell) and this product is really great. Highly recommend !

  6. Dana

    Leaves skin so soft, but avoid your eyes!

  7. Susan

    Love the smell and it really moisturizes well.

  8. Anonymous

    This face oil leaves my skin so soft! I highly recommend using this stuff.

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