Rolled Fresh Pre-Rolls

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$14.00 $12.60

Two 1 Gram Pre-Rolls Rolled Fresh in-house only with premium bud. Never dry or stale.


Rolled Fresh Pre-Rolls Information

6 reviews for Rolled Fresh Pre-Rolls

  1. William

    These are the BEST pre rolls I have ever purchased. A bit of flavour to the taste but the pulls… All so, do smooth. That was the best part of these pre rolls.

  2. Mike

    Absolutely top notch. I really hope to see this come back in stock. It’s about as perfect of a strain as you could ask for especially for the evening.

  3. Joanie

    These were excellent! I got Jack Herer as my Pre rolls and had not yet tried it so I thought some pre-rolls would be the perfect way to test it out. I was so impressed with the rolling job, the size and the overall product taste, the quality and effects.I give a prefect 10 star if I could sadly you only get a 5 star. Wtg!

  4. Melanie

    Decently rolled. Bigger flower so seemed to burn better than most prerolls.

  5. Robert

    Very decent size, lit well and stayed lit well. Reasonably potent, I’m a fan of prerolls, and this met all reasonable expectations.

    I may well buy this again. A good product, and a good size. My only complaint is that I’ve had nicer tasting prerolls. The price is sure right though!

  6. David

    Excellent pre rolls! Really good indica. Nice positive euphoric high without a bad burnout. My friend came by who smokes alot more than I do and even said it was amazing. So i’m ordering more now. Burns nice, well rolled, no complaints

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