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Premium Live-Resin Based 0.5ml Vape Carts With 510 Thread


Vape Sauce Carts by Ronin Information

Sauce Carts by Ronin are among the most potent concentrates on the market. That’s because they’re made with highly-refined live resin and cannabinoids, resulting in a pure concentrate of substantial potency. The taste, flavour, and aroma are superior to most other products, and the effects are unique and quite potent as well. This is an exclusive brand with a limited product stock, as these Sauce Carts are difficult to make.

Ronin Sauce Carts come in the following strains: Animal Cookies x Black Berry Breath, Cookies
Kush, Peyote Cookies, Gelato #31, Black Berry Breath, Wedding Cake, Animal Cookies, Oren Pine CBD (10:1), and Tropicana Truffle. Every individual strain is unique and intense, leading up to a pleasing experience that doesn’t seem to end. You’ll see it when you try them, one by one!

Ronin Sauce Carts

Sauce Carts by Ronin are designed in such a way that they deliver an intense, high-end psychoactive experience. The highly-concentrated THC distillate comes around at 95%, with live resin extract added in for good measure and a pristine flavour. Every flavour tastes exactly like the correspondent strain, with a fresh and super juicy aroma. What’s more, these sauce carts are quite therapeutic, as well. They can easily treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pains, PTSD, fibromyalgia, loss of appetite, and migraines.

A big reason for why Ronin Sauce Carts are so exclusive is the cutting-edge extraction method used to make the sauce. From harvest all the way to vaporization, the manufacturer uses an efficient BHO extraction technique to preserve most of the plant’s cannabinoids, and organic extracts. This results in a super potent experience that never dies down no matter what.

Few other carts on the market match the potency and fresh flavour of Ronin Sauce Carts. Both the psychoactive and therapeutic effects are clear-cut, impressively potent, and long-lasting. As for the flavour specific to each strain, every one is unique, extremely intense and fresh, as well as satisfying, offering a good reason to always come back to them! Ronin Sauce Carts come in the following strain options:

Animal Cookies x Black Berry Breath

A combination of Animal Cookies, which is a nutty and sour 75% Indica, as well as Black Berry Breath, a balanced hybrid with a sweet and creamy undertone. This strain is great for insomnia, stress, depression, and chronic pains, as well as other severe medical condition and symptoms.

The other side of this coin, Black Berry Breath, brings a nice touch of creamy sweetness and clear berry flavour. The uplifting effects bring a solid amount of electrifying euphoria that improves your mood on the spot, enhancing your motivation at the same time. Then, the finale comes around to relaxation and sedation, treating fatigue, pains, and loss of appetite.

Cookies Kush

This Indica-dominant hybrid is a delicious cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Rolex Kush. The 15-18% THC concentration may not amount to much, but there’s a 3% CBD concentration, as well. This is an astounding CBD level when compared to the vast majority of strains out there. It means that Cookies Kush will offer a cerebral yet relaxing experience fit for treating severe symptoms of crams, chronic pains, bipolar disorder, insomnia, and muscle spasms.

The mint and sweet lime aromas combine perfectly with the apple fruitiness in a melange of deliciousness. On the exhale, you’ll feel a bit of earthiness and pungent lime yet again. It seems that no matter what, you can’t escape from the citric lime flavour, which will fill your nostrils and taste buds with pleasure. The flavour is very satisfying once you get a taste of its full power!

Peyote Cookies

Peyote Cookies is a 95% Indica-dominant hybrid with an 18-20% average THC concentration. Being a cross between Peyote Purple and Cookies Kush, this strain brings an insanely sweet and vanilla-flavoured aroma to the table. Its sweet and coffee-infused flavour has hints of tropical exoticism her and there. The exhale brings a more potent vanilla sweetness that feels wonderful, yet also quite rough at times due to the woody and earthy undertones.

As for its effects, Peyote Cookies is highly sedative and relaxing, with a long-lasting body high that sends you into a state of bliss. From beginning to end, your body will experience utter relaxation that turns into a heavy full-body experience soon. You’ll be knocked out cold from the hard-hitting effects of this solid Indica. It can treat inflammation, muscle spasms, chronic pains, depression, and loss of appetite.

Gelato #31

This strain is related to the world-famous Gelato strain, and it brings a similar sweet berry and lavender flavour to you. This is a 55% Indica-dominant strain with a solid body high that still improves your mood with electrifying euphoria. In the beginning, you’ll get hit by a wave of potent uplifting creativity and happiness. The head stoning doesn’t leave you couch-locked because it can improve your focus even more!

Regarding the flavour, Gelato #31 brings a sweet sherbet type of taste, with supreme sweetness and creaminess. There’s a nice citric and lavender mix going on, which only become stronger on the exhale, where you’ll feel a taste of woodiness as well. This is a type of sweetness that mellows your mind into a mush instantly. Gelato #31 is good for PTSD, loss of appetite, fibromyalgia, depression, fatigue, and chronic pains.

Black Berry Breath

Black Berry Breath is a balanced hybrid with a great relaxing and euphoric drive. It can uplift your mood in a couple of minutes from the first toke. Your energy levels will skyrocket pretty soon, leaving you prepared for a serious full-body experience that relaxes your entire body. After this strain is done with you, it’ll treat symptoms of insomnia, depression, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, PMS, stress, and fatigue.

As for its flavour, Black Berry Breath offers a creamy and very sweet flavour that descends into fruitiness as you smoke more. The exhale brings a rough sensation of earthiness combined with pine and woodiness. As you take a second and third smoke, the berry and fruity flavour become clearer, leaving you gasping for pleasure and satisfaction every time. This is a juicy strain with a fresh take on the fruity side of things, so it’ll clearly sate your appetite.

Wedding Cake

When you combine Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie, you get Wedding Cake, a supremely sweet 60% Indica strain that increases your creativity instantly. This strain is relaxing and sleepy, on the one hand, and brainy and creative on the other hand.

As for flavour, Wedding Cake is a simple as they go. Pure sweetness and fruitiness, almost like a berry tart, combined with even more sweetness on the exhale. There’s almost no earthiness or woody aromas when you smoke this strain. It only exudes sweetness through all its pores, even when you burn the weed itself. This is an exceptionally-sweet strain nonetheless, once that’ll make you crave it time and time again!

Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies brings 75% Indica-dominant heritage. With all this potential on its side, Animal Cookies offer a sleepy and relaxing body high that lasts for a long time. A deep state of calmness and tranquility will wash over you, sedating your body and mind until your focus crumbles completely. In this sense, Animal Cookies can treat stress, insomnia, chronic pains, depression, loss of appetite, and anxiety.

With a sour and nutty flavour that coaxes your taste buds into a satisfying culinary experience, Animal Cookies is also quite sweet as well. It’ll impress your nostrils with a herbal and earthy pungency aroma that never ceases from the moment you take that first toke. There’s a spicy and sour pungency waiting for you on the exhale, bringing even more herbal and nutty overtones. Everything about this strain invites you to enjoy it and get stoned.

Oren Pine CBD (10:1)

Oren Pine CBD is a unique strain in the world, once that you’ll rarely find online. It’s very exclusive thanks to its effects and profile. This strain contains only 0.34% THC and an astounding 10.72% CBD. So, it offers an exceptional therapeutic experience with almost no psychoactive effects. You can’t get stoned from smoking this strain. However, you will receive the superior therapeutic benefits, which translate to pain relief, anxiety relief, stress relief, improved quality of sleep, and more!

The flavour is mostly related to the dominant terpenes in Oren Pine CBD, which are limonene and camphene. These terpenes bring a sweet and chamomile-infused aroma that doesn’t get old no matter how much you smoke. That first smoke also brings a potent dose of orange flavour that follows you throughout the experience. On the exhale, you’ll feel even more orange sweetness with a bit of citrus for good measure. It’s truly a delicious and therapeutic strain worth trying out.

Tropicana Truffle

Tropicana Truffle, also known as Tropic Truffle, is an exclusive and rare Sativa-dominant strain that leads to an impressive creative head stoning. A cross between Tropicana Cookies and Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies, Tropicana Truffle uplifts your mood and revitalizes your mind from the first toke you take. It’ll improve your focus and send your mind reeling with enthusiasm in a couple of minutes. A form of focused creativity and blissful joy occupies your mind for now.

Soon, more relaxation comes forth, but no sedation or couch-lock sensations. Instead, you feel more sociable and communicative. As for its flavour, Tropicana Truffle is insanely delicious and scrumptious. The creamy sweetness brings a superb take on the fruity and citrus-infused flavour. Then, an aroma of sour pine and earthy spiciness takes over your nostrils, leaving you happy and satisfied. Of course, Tropicana Truffle also brings a hint of tropical earthiness and sour woodiness when you break the buds apart.

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