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Rosin by YTFC Information

The YTFC Rosin is a special kind of cannabis concentrate that focuses on achieving potent therapeutic effects. As soon as you consume a bit of this resin, it’ll send a strong buzz to your head. The back of your head will become warmer as your mind drifts into a foggy and blissful state. Your mood will improve, all your worries vanish, and all that’s left is a persistent state of calmness and relaxation.

Despite the name, this isn’t a cure for cold. Instead, the YTFC Rosin is a prime-grade concentrate preferred by many medical patients. The high THC concentration soothes your pains and aches, and heals your depression on the spot. Some people report benefits in cases of mild insomnia and extreme exhaustion. This Rosin will also alleviate chronic fatigue.

What does the YTFC Rosin look and taste like?

This type of rosin is viscous and light yellow, similar in consistency with a jam. A cherry jam, we can say, since the main aroma is that of sweet cherries. There’s a bit of gas added in for extra deliciousness. Though, as soon as you take a smoke from this rosin, your mouth and lungs will breathe in a solid dose of therapeutic cherry flavour. The putty consistency will impress you even further.

Between the thick consistency and cherry flavour, what makes you want to throw a party with YTFC Rosin as the main star? Most cannabis enthusiasts would be delighted to try this rosin and experience a new state of psychoactive relaxation and euphoria. When the ganja state ends, you’ll feel completely refreshed by the cherry flavour as it’s fully exhaled out of your lungs.

What are the effects of the Rosin?

Rosin sounds like a novel treatment for cold or Influenza, right? Well, it’s anything but! While it may alleviate your migraines and headaches, it doesn’t directly cure your cold. Instead, it’ll help you unwind after a hard day at work and calm down if you’re stifled by constant worrying. Rosin helps you manage your anxiety before an important exam and eliminates your depression if you’re in a bad mood.

Speaking of mood, when you take a toke of Rosin, a surge of happiness will penetrate your mind. Slowly but steadily, your focus will increase substantially as you manage to stay motivated even in difficult situations. Eventually, your pains and muscular aching will gradually disappear as you obtain the relaxation you always wanted!

3 reviews for Rosin by YTFC

  1. Kate

    It’s never too late to try something new, and I confirmed this with the YTFC rosin. I’m a worrier and I almost always start worrying without apparent reason. Until now, nothing I did or tried ever appeased these worries, not even traditional medication. My doctor said I had to deal with it myself, through meditation. Though, that doesn’t always work either. So I thought about cannabis and gave the OG Kush rosin a try. At first, I was scared about it being too potent so I tried a small dose. It was still a bit too potent but it helped me with my worries more than meditations does!!!

  2. Garry

    tasty and very powerful

  3. Johnny

    This rosin is thick and gooey, with a real texture you expect from a good rosin. The taste of the Cherry Punch strain is very sweet and punchy, with an intense cherry flavor. I love fruity strains so I went for this one instantly. Turns out I wasn’t mistaken in choosing it. When I started smoking it with my bong, my head started feeling lighter and my body followed suit. I felt happier than ever, though the impact was manageable and not rough like other rosin products I tried. MMJ really has a great product here with this rosin!

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