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RSO – Halley’s Comet Premium 2:1

2ml and 5ml options

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RSO – Halley’s Premium 2:1 – this Phoenix Tears Oil is one of the best products of this type we sell on MMJDirect. The product is based on flower leaves from the Halley’s Comet strain, a Sativa-dominant hybrid named after the brightest comet in the sky. The reason for that is very simple – this strain has very high-end effects and a clear-cut high that takes you unprepared almost all the time.

The Phoenix Tears Oil we sell received a thorough analysis at the MB labs, and they ascertained that it contains around 40% CBD and around 18% THC (this can vary based on the batch but is around these numbers). This concentration should tell you everything you need to know about its effects, which should be stellar to most patients seeking treatment for their medical issues.

How will this oil affect you?

Just like the cannabis strain that gives it its name, this Phoenix Tears Oil should provide very uplifting and analgesic effects the first time around you use it. It should also induce a clear-cut state of euphoria that continues with a very relaxed physical experience, one that makes you optimistic and giddy. You might experience prolonged states of laughter and amusement, and increased creativity, and better social skills.

Last but not least, the RSO – Halley’s Comet Premium 2:1 should also improve your appetite and treat your eating disorder efficiently. Most pains you experience because of particular medical conditions may also vanish in a few moments thanks to the analgesic effects of the Phoenix Tears. Similarly, this product might be your best bet at fighting against anxiety, depression, and other related issues that you struggle with.

Consumption methods

Phoenix Tears are typically ingested by applying some of it onto a finger, nut, or cracker which you just consume as-is. It wouldn’t hurt to consume a small fatty snack such as a nut butter around the time of ingestion to help increase the THC’s bioavailability. This will allow the oil to be metabolized much more efficiently, leading to a quicker onset of the effects.

Usually, Phoenix Tears end up fulfilling a role in topicals or tinctures. They can also serve as potent edibles but will lead to a higher amount of cannabis taste when compared to using a distillate. The RSO – Halley’s Comet Premium 2:1 should bring you a very relaxing and therapeutic experience overall.

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