RSO Mekong 4THC:1CBD by Viridesco


75% Sativa dominant

1055mg THC + 226mg CBD


RSO Mekong 4THC:1CBD by Viridesco Information

The partnering of THC and CBD is where great wonders take place. The combination of THC and CBD brought together is like Thor’s hammer for the active people constantly on the go. Extremely powerful.

CBD is known, due to its scientific backing, for its high level of efficiency in the relief of inflammation and pain. But CBD works a lot more effectively in harmony with THC.

THC plays a significant role in relieving pain as well. Together, they are significantly higher in its mission to manage pain.

They are named as the power couple of cannabis therapeutics, and this is not by coincidence. Since they both have incredible medicinal attributes, they do work wonders together. It is like seeing a power team at work whom everyone wants in their corporations for the great results and successes they create.

All the Great Benefits They Offer

One of the main reasons why RSO – Mekong 4THC : 1CBD is so effective in giving its users the invigorating, highly energizing effect, is because it contains approximately 75% Sativa. The higher dosage of THC is also responsible for the offering of such great results in pain and inflammation relief while bringing its users into a state of euphoria, happiness, and productivity.

The Oil in the RSO – Mekong 4THC : 1CBD concentrate is made from Mekong cannabis flowers, and these are grown on Vancouver Island. The Mekong strain is known for is great capabilities to bring one into a happy, uplifting state.

This high-end RSO has been independently tested in MB laboratories to contain over 68% cannabinoids, with an encouraging estimation of almost 53% THC and just over 11% CBD.

VIRIDESCO Oil is a powerful concentrate achieved through the extraction method from the drawn-out cannabinoids of the cannabis plant.

The RSO – Mekong 4THC : 1CBD oil is designed for ease of use in The Patron Eos-Dispenser. This dispenser has an accuracy of 0.01mL, which makes it the dispenser with the highest accuracy down to the smallest millilitre on the market of Patron’s Industry. The Patron Eos-Dispenser is the world’s first dispenser uniquely designed for the viscous resins of Hemp.

In conclusion, if you are an active person, with diverse outdoor activities, looking for inflammation and pain relief from all your fun activities, also looking for a state of great euphoria and mental productivity, you may consider buying RSO – Mekong 4THC : 1CBD online in Canada.


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