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RSO Indica Papaya Punch by Viridesco Information

The RSO Papaya Punch by Viridesco is a true cannabis concentrate of the highest rank. Its main purpose is to improve your mood, creativity, and relax your body and mind. If you have depression or anxiety, then this concentrate should calm you down immediately. Its effects are mellow and soothing, rather than aggressive and impulsive. That’s because this oil is extracted from an Indica-dominant cannabis strain with sedative effects.

Despite being an Indica-dominant strain, some users have said that they’ve experienced a surge of euphoria and energy after trying out this oil. Of course, the end-result was a couch-lock sensation with the most comprehensive sedation possible. The Viridesco RSO Papaya Punch contains:

  • Delta-9 THC – 69.40%
  • CannaBichromeme – 1.05%
  • CanaBiGerol – 2.30%
  • Delta-9 THCV – 0.37%
  • CanaBiNol – 0.20%

What are the effects of the Viridesco RSO Papaya Punch?


This oil will only provide extreme effects if consumed in larger quantities or in a higher dose. If you stick with a lower dose, you’ll obtain manageable effects that are still therapeutic and psychoactive. In one word, you become mellow after trying out this oil. The RSO Papaya Punch is a Rick Simpson Oil of the highest quality that improves your mood and makes you more sociable throughout the psychoactive experience.

At the peak of the ganja state, your body should start buzzing with a warm intensity. From the back of your head all the way to your toes, the psychoactive effects will spread and heal your body and mind. Anxiety and depression symptoms will disappear relatively fast after consuming this oil. As for physical ailments, the Viridesco RSO Papaya Punch offers an effective treatment against your medical symptoms. It works for insomnia, nausea, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, migraines, and appetite loss.

How do you consume the Viridesco RSO Papaya Punch effectively?


Depending on the dosage of the syringe, you may be dealing with a different quantity. However, the idea remains the same – always start with a lower dose if you don’t know your tolerance level. Plus, you should try to consume the RSO Papaya Punch as effectively as possible, in just the right doses. The effects should come naturally and treat your body and mind in the right ways.

Consuming too much will lead to a waste of the effects, and you could easily use it for a longer time if you’re smart with the dosing. The 69.40% THC is high enough to provide a great psychoactive and therapeutic experience. After you identify your tolerance level, you can increase the dose if the effects aren’t enough for your medical symptoms.

8 reviews for RSO Indica Papaya Punch by Viridesco

  1. Chris

    I sometimes use a bit of this in my mushroom edibles but mainly buy it for an amazing topical cream for arthritis and headaches. It was the key ingredient in my best batch to date and Will now be the thc component in my future line

  2. Gagan

    Great rso, really potent and amazing for insomniacs, do be careful as to not build your tolerance because it sky rockets after getting accustomed to the potency of rso. The taste of all these rso concentrates are extremely bitter so I’d reccomend buying those empty capsules from Amazon or sandwich Ong a rice sized amount onto two slices of banana.

    Overall I’m happy with all the viradesco rso’s, my high tolerance is extremely annoying so it’s pretty much all I use. Make sure you have a day off the next morning as you’ll be a zombie

  3. Robyn

    Excellent for severe pain relief, a little does a lot. Also gives a solid night’s sleep.

  4. Jackie

    I love papaya punch! I use it before bed to sleep and I rarely ever wake up during the night with this stuff. I really appreciate the metered dosing of Viridesco too. Super!!

  5. Kirsten

    I used this oil to make brownies for my birthday but no one showed up. so I have a huge bag of brownies I get to enjoy daily. they are good for pain and sore muscles.

  6. Alexandre

    So far this is my favorite product from MMJ. You need to treat this with respect because it is extremely potent. The first time I tried it I had read to take approximately the size of a grain of rice. I took about twice that amount. After about 30 min I thought that it was useless…About 1 hour after taking it it’s when it kicked in! Oh! and did it kick in I must say! I was pretty much stuck on my couch from 4pm till 9pm. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore and when I wanted to walk I had to concentrate putting one foot in front of the other…I felt like a mermaid or merman! When I was eating supper I could no longer coordinate my knife and fork so had to eat with my hands. The next time I took much less and felt really relaxed. I use it for sleeping also and don’t wake up during the night. It’s really worth the money! Don’t hesitate to buy this!

  7. Stephen

    this stuff never disappoints. it’s by far my preferred option for baking edibles. the stats on the label are very helpful and allow for accurate dosing across the finished goods. all the varieties i’ve tried so far were also potent enough that by time it is spread out into civilised doses, its taste is almost imperceivable, adding much to the enjoyment of this product. i’ve not found many retailers for this awesome RSO and i will keep coming back for more. **, two more stars to add to this review, five stars isn’t reflective of how much i like this gear.

  8. Kerry

    This is one of the best products available from 🥰 if you have aches and pains, this will make you feel great and sleep like a baby🛌 great price point and an awesome experience, can’t go wrong with this🤗

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