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Sativa Dark Chocolate Bar by Elevtd Information

Elevate your edible experience with these THC-infused Dark Chocolate Bars by Elevtd. Each bar boasts 320 milligrams of THC 100 percent derived from cannabis plants. That hugely potent dosage is split up between 16 individual squares, making them easy to break off to narrow down a specific dosage.

Elevtd takes the uniformity of their products seriously, and precision-doses each individual square with accurate, standardized amounts of THC. They also stringently test their products for pesticides, microbials, and other adulterants.

What Do Elevtd Dark Chocolate Bars Look and Smell Like?

The rich, bitter tones of dark chocolate easily overpower the natural taste of cannabis extract, an earthy, pungent flavour that some find distasteful. Dark chocolate is a stark contrast to the sweet, creamy, rich flavours of its more popular cousin, milk chocolate. Be careful around Elevtd’s Dark Chocolate Bars – you may find your new favourite sweet treat!

What Are Do Elevtd Dark Chocolate Bars’ High Like?

These THC-infused Dark Chocolate Bars by Elevtd feature a cerebral, stimulating high that naturally complements its high-powered, bitter taste. They’re perfect for morning, afternoon, or evening use, although eating dark chocolate too late at night may interfere with your ability to fall asleep. These edibles’ potent buzz is a great way to help streamline repetitive tasks and make errands a breeze.

Elevtd’s Dark Chocolate Bars are a great option for medical patients. Thanks to their precise, accurate dosages and their portable packaging, medical patients can always have access to their prescription whenever they need it, regardless of where they are.

According to some research, THC may be able to reduce swelling, manage chronic pain, eliminate stress and anxiety, and perform several other functions. As a result, it may be an effective way to alleviate symptoms of PTSD, insomnia, arthritis, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, and more.

13 reviews for Sativa Dark Chocolate Bar by Elevtd

  1. Jean

    This product is fantastic it taste so good with absolutely no after taste at all and I am very picky

  2. Nancy

    tasted like good ol dark chocolate super creamy as well

  3. Shirley

    Loved these. Very tasty and a reasonable, pleasant high. Will buy again.

  4. Melissa

    I really wanted to like this one cause I prefer dark chocolate but I recommend the indica version of this better than the sativa. This gave me a little bit of a head buzz but it was very mild and barely felt it unless you consume a larger amount but it was very hard for me to properly measure each dose cause mine had come melted in the mail.

  5. Tyrone

    I have been buying Elevtd Chocolate for a few years now. The taste is outstanding. A nice dark chocolate with zero cannabis taste. Dosage with these are easy, with 20mg squares giving a solid high. These things pack a punch but it’s a pleasant climb to the top, finished off with a great sleep and no foggy mornings just pure alertness! First time buying with MMJ and loving the service so far!


  6. Patrick

    Excellent product! Taste great, good effect and energy. Pieces break apart easily which is great for dosing. Well packaged.

  7. Bryan

    Good flavor and easy to portion. Has a nice high quality metal tin. We keep ours in the freezer. Doesn’t seem to be as strong as other edibles that we have bought but I am still glad we tried it.

  8. Tess

    What a treat!! The chocolate tastes AMAZING! The doses are perfect for an easy going buzz. Always take a second one if Im looking for a whole body high. It’s great, you can cut the chocolate smaller if you don’t want the buzz. It’s so tasty, so chill. And is it worth mentioning? I love the packaging!!
    I’ll always keep space in my cart for these treats!

  9. Stacey

    I use edibles recreationally and for sleep. This one has a decent taste with a nice mellow vibe.

  10. Rob

    The chocolate has a great taste and the buzz is nice. I like the metal container it comes in as well.

  11. Andre

    I find that i enjoy thc when is mixed in chocolate bars and the Elevtd Dark Chocolate Bars’ are pretty tasty
    to deliver the goods.

  12. Brian

    Great packaging, fantastic chocolate.
    Smooth, creamy.

    From start to finish this product delivers Excellence.

    Great buzz

  13. Robert

    This product was very good.. Great taste with very nice affects . Just wait a few hours and enjoy. The best way to stay in good spirits during Covid-19. Will buy more for sure..many thanks MMJD!

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