Red Congolese

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100% Sativa strain

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Red Congolese Information

Red Congolese is an award-winning champion. This pure Sativa strain won 3rd place for Overall Best at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 2013, which marked its popularity in cannabis history. As the previous sentence gives it away, this cannabis strain is known to be 100% Sativa dominant and it usually offers moderate THC levels that range between 18% and 21%. Perfect for a morning treat that can provide highly elated and exhilarated sensations throughout the day.

The origins and lineage of Red Congolese falls under debate. The structure of this plant assigns its origins to the legendary Afghani Indica marijuana strain, although the original breeder is marked unknown. The popular inputs suggest that Red Congolese is a cross between some Afghani landrace, a Mexican Sativa and Congolese.

Red Congolese: Looks and Taste

The appearance of this cannabis strain features a light green bud with red pistils. The pistillate flowers appear from behind the leaves, which results in a brilliantly balanced flower to leaf ratio. The bud of this plant is strong, thick and solid, and compressible without being dry and brittle. The trichomes covering Red Congolese are crystal-like diamonds. Many of its users rave about the tastiness of this bud.

This strain offers a citrusy and pungent aroma profile. After the initial scent, an overwhelming, deep earthy flavour can be experienced, which is typical to Afghan genetics. Some consumers have also noted a quite powerful scent of cheese and fruit, besides the spice and berry aroma. The taste of its smoke is known to be similar to its flavour profile- a fruity, cheesy flavour with undertones of berries and spice.

Red Congolese: Effects and Benefits

Red Congolese has earned the reputation of being the go-to wake-and-bake strain. This refers to its extremely potent efficiency when it comes to needing a push to get the day started and conquered.

When taken into consideration its potent THC level, and its highly powerful and beneficial effects, this cannabis strain is a great choice for both recreational and medical users. It usually doesn’t take very long for the users to start experiencing the effects of its high.

The cerebral high that Red Congolese provides is absolutely invigorating and amazing. The mental awareness and focus are known to exponentially increase, therefore enabling the user to get in the superman mental shape and conquer the tasks laid out for the day with high motivation, drive and efficient productivity.

It is very common for users to experience feelings of happiness and elatedness. This is known to elevate one’s mood while causing any feelings of anxiety, worry, stress and depression to fade away into the background.

As the mind is highly focused and sharp, and a positive and uplifting feeling takes over, the body also settles into a more relaxed state. This relaxation does not numb the body in a way that makes it lazy, but it enables it to be stronger as the pains, aches and body tensions start losing their grip. This body high tends to fade into a state of a peaceful, quiet and restful state of relaxation.

28 reviews for Red Congolese

  1. Shirley

    This one was energizing. Had the chores done in no time.

  2. Amardeep

    Red Congolese is the real deal! I bought it because I wanted something that would help me stay focused and productive during the day, and it did not disappoint. The taste was kind of sweet and fruity, and the effects kicked in after a few minutes. I felt this surge of energy and motivation, and I was able to power through my work with ease. I also noticed that my mood was significantly lifted, and I felt more positive and optimistic about everything. I would definitely recommend Red Congolese to anyone who wants to enhance their creativity, productivity, and overall well-being. Just be careful not to overdo it, as it can be quite potent and overwhelming for some people. But if you’re looking for a high-quality sativa that will get you through the day with a smile on your face, Red Congolese is the way to go! Overall, I was super impressed with MMJ Direct and would definitely order from them again.

  3. Victor

    Not going to lie, The first time I tried this, it gave me an insane panic attack along with a massive asthma attack. 🫢😮‍💨 Haha. 🤣This is an incredibly strong and heady sativa. I swear it left me paranoid for a week. 👻🤧 I wouldn’t say it’s bad though, it’s just ❗️extremely strong❗️Maybe a good strain for very advanced smokers wanting a crazy experience that includes a lot of coughing.

    ⚠️ I would not recommend this for people who suffer any kind of anxiety or can’t take a strong smoke. 💯

  4. Christopher

    Red Congolese is an awesome choice if you’re an experienced smoker and want a good day time pick me up. I got this on sale, but plan to keep some on hand for my daytime adventures.

    It is definitely on the stronger side, so I keep it for when I do outdoor activities and exercise (mostly in the bush around here). The buds are dense, but fluffy when ground, and very smooth smoke with a potent flavor that doesn’t make you cough.

    Looks 9/10
    Taste 8/10
    Potency 8/10

  5. keith

    Very nice bud , great smell and easy to smoke.

  6. Adrian

    I’ve wanted to try this rare strain for a long time. I had certain expectations. And they were met.

    I have adhd and I do sales work on the phone.

    This strain allows you to feel alert. Like low dose of weed with adhd meds.

    I had a team building event for work at a bowling alley and I ended up killing it. Right before goin in I smoked a small bowl

  7. Dua

    I love that it is so uplifting and doesn’t get me sleepy. I always prefer the euphoric, energising strains, this one hasn’t disappointed me. I enjoyed that it doesn’t get me anxious or hungry 🤪Good stuff

  8. Mary Lou

    Great stuff. Nice inspiring on the uptake. Easy on the way down. Doesn’t last toooooo long. Reliable.

  9. Colborn

    One of my favorites that always delivers great taste and a great high!!

  10. Kascie

    I bought this as a treat for myself as this was a bit pricey for my budget. Holy shit, it was worth it. Strong, uplifting, energetic high. No anxiety. Chefs kiss.

  11. Karl

    This one is my all time favorite sativa good strain for social and get going

  12. Jeremy

    Dang, they wised up and rose the price! Can’t blame them cause this stuff is amaze-balls!!!! Nice floral smell upon opening a bag….like vina Esmeralda. Dense and sticky, rolls up nice and smokes sweet. Getting more regardless of price. 4.7stars in reality..
    But I rounds up to!

  13. celine

    Très bon goû rachète sans hésiter.

  14. Jarod

    Great strain! This is my go to sativa strain now it’s nice and uplifting with little to no burnout at the end the buds shows up rather fresh and the taste is very fruity I found this stuff delicious!

  15. Matthew

    Amazing Sativa strain! Bell like clarity and focus (unless you go a toke over the line) to help you start your day. Tastes sweet and spicy. Buds are rock hard and covered in trichomes. Very nice bag appeal.
    And no munchies! Half a joint had me cleaning house for four hours. The other half had me still cleaning well into the evening.
    Will definitely buy again.

  16. Justinian

    What more can you ask for. It’s sativa. It’s potent. It’s Red Congolese. I wish there were notifications for when this came in stock, because I need it each time, the buck is high but so is the bang, there really is nothing like this – I vape, this in the vape is like a running on a supercharge. Great visually, nice cystals and color, extremely smooth, even in the comparatively smooth world of vaping. Picking this up every opportunity I have.

  17. Michael

    This is an OG sativa, nice red hairs, smell magnificent, very focused high for a long time. One of my top 3 weeds of all time for sure. so relaxing, not to heavy on the head.

  18. Chris

    I’ve been looking for this strain for awhile, not very common. Great flavour. Has a really nice Sativa buzz without the burnout. Happy stuff, will re order

  19. Daniel

    This had a fun, kinda wake me up feeling to it. Nice flavor, and really pleasant high. I’d want to go play a sport or something on this, rather than sit around. I’d definitely recommend it for outdoor activities.

  20. Emily

    Smells Great even smoke, will order again!

  21. James

    This is incredible stuff. The strong smell is a prologue to a potent high that feels unmatched in focus and presence; just the opposite of zoned out. Also the only cannabis strain to date that does not give me superhuman snacking abilities. Awesome!

  22. Jennifer

    Favourite daytime strain. It’s very energizing and uplifting and haven’t noticed any paranoia or anxiousness that I usually get from Sativa’s. Also no dry mouth or munchies for me with this one. Of course, as always with mmj, the quality is amazing, great taste and smell. Clean smoke.

  23. Reginald

    Good strain to start the day

  24. Jonathan

    Smooth, great flavour and energizing!

  25. Dylan

    Really enjoyed this one it was kinda like the jet fuel stain was great

  26. Derek

    A personal favourite. Uplifting and soothing.

  27. Darryl

    Crazy good Sativa

  28. Catherine

    Very nice bud, smells amazing and tastes amazing.

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