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BC Pineapples by SeC Information

The delicious BC Pineapples gummies are some of the best cannabis-based edibles you’re going to eat this year. Our online dispensary collaborates with the manufacturer SeC who users only organic and natural ingredients for their products.

If you want to buy BC Pineapples online and don’t know where MMJDirect will give you a hand. Despite the many edible suppliers out there, SeC (Solve et Coagula – Latin for dissolve and coagulate) appears to be one of the most well-established and quality-oriented.

These cannabis-infused BC Pineapples are everything you need on a Saturday evening when you just want to destress and feel good for a few hours. The pineapple-shaped gummies will keep you company for quite some time. The THC hidden within will surely make you feel great!

How potent are these gummies?

If you decide to mail order BC Pineapples from our site, you need to know what you’re buying. Each gummy contains no less than 50mg of pure-grade THC, which is a lot by many standards. Eat one of these gummies and you might plunge into a potent high that won’t leave you until a few hours pass.

The THC extracts contained within these gummies are organic and extremely high-grade, which makes the edible a very potent one. To buy BC Pineapples online in Canada, all you have to do is trust MMJDirect and make your purchase! We’ll deliver the package straight to your door!

They’re every bit as strong as you need them to. If one gummy is too little for you, next time, you can increase the dosage. In any case, these gummies look just like your average snacks, so no one will figure out you’re consuming cannabis.

31 reviews for BC Pineapples by SeC

  1. Courtney

    These were my go-to until I started with Caps. 50mg was a little much for my tolerance at the time, but I could easily cut them in half for my perfect dose. Smells and tastes fantastic and I’m an odd one that doesn’t like the taste/smell of bud. I didn’t have any issue with pricing since I had tried a lot of other gummies and these were the best tasting for me by far.

    I’m a recreational user and use to relax and keep my busy brain from thinking about work and these did the trick. I took them primarily at night and did notice an improvement with my sleep as well.

    I think these are great, especially for beginners or casual users (which I was in the beginning), just start with a portion of a gummy until you’re familiar with the strength.

  2. Frederic

    Very high quality. It is expensive a bit for what it is. The texture and taste are unique. You should use it to impress newbies. Otherwise, this is for special occasion, not for a daily usage (unless you are rich and fancy). The missing star is because of the price, otherwise this is an excellent product.

  3. Zach

    This is a great gummy to test the waters if the 5mg and 10mg candy from the dispensary doesn’t cut it. I thought I didn’t like edibles until I tried this dose. Bingo. These give a nice long high without being too overwhelming.

    As a candy, they don’t really work. The taste is pretty chemical and there is something off about the mouth feel. That being said, they are not to offensive to the mouth and you can’t beat the price. It’s the value that pushes this into 5 star territory

  4. Korinn

    These are a great introduction to edibles only have 1/3 to 1/2 of one pineapple to start. Sec is the best edible company as they are reliable with their dosing and must have a great chef because they taste great

  5. gerald

    I’ve tried many of the edibles and found these to be not as good as others is terms of flavour and ease of cutting into smaller pieces.Wouldn’t repurchase.

  6. Eric

    a little bit of a bad aftertaste but the effects were A1
    would buy again

  7. Michael

    These taste amazing and pack quite a punch. These pineapple gummies are very sweet and do not leave much of a thc after taste. My wife and I usually stick to a 20-30mg dose and with these we simply cut them in half. This seems to be perfect for us.

    Overall, highly recommend!

  8. Drake

    B.C Pineapples by SeC

    Shape: 8/10, Firm yet still squishy, very good shape retention and the gummies i received had almost no flaws, just personal preference but to me the physical condition of the candies i order in quite important.

    Texture: 9/10 Just Chewy enough,  comparable to very fresh gummy bears

    Smell: 7.5/10  Smells like a fresh opened can of Pineapples

    Flavor: 8.5/ Light in Pineapple flavor however it is still a good flavor, nothing dank and just the sensation of the thc on your tongue and throat

    Strength: At 50mg per Gummy (100mg per pack) they are plenty for newcomers however for someone like myself i could eat both and not be too far along.

    Value: 7/10 At 10$ a pack it doesn’t have the best value comparable to other brands, i put it at a 7 because  while they arent a rip off i believe they should be a little bit cheaper.

  9. Amélie

    I just took a quarter because I have a very low tolerance and it was a nice mild high

  10. Jennifer

    Very pleasant high, great taste!!! I take half just before “playtime” 😉 and the other half during intermission 😉 I have no trouble falling asleep after eating them.

  11. Gail

    These are tasty and reliable. I cut them in 4 or 6 which makes them super affordable. I use mostly for minor pain and to help with sleep. I am a 57 year old female and generally not a pot smoker.

  12. Tim

    Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck with these candies. A 50 mg dose doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I felt a small high for a few min but that was it. They we’re so delicious too but if I’m looking for taste I can always buy non infused gummies. Honestly I don’t care about the taste. I feel bad giving a bad review to a company with so many great products but after trying 3 times I would have to say I give these a three-star.

  13. Marton

    There’s only two gummies in the package but they are strong so they will get the job done. They taste very good and will definitely get the party started

  14. Muzammil

    Best Edible I have had ever! Sweet Taste, only a mild cannabis after taste. Potent effect tht lasts 4 hrs . Pineapple Express indeed

  15. Kacey

    funtimes always to be had on a pineapple high ! yummy too !!

  16. Emily

    Delicious but as a seasoned smoker I need higher dose!

  17. Jessika

    These tasted delicious, and you don’t need to eat too much of it to get the good feelings. No adverse effects. I’m sad it’s sold out!

  18. Amber

    So strong. I actually cut mine into thirds, and that did me just right. Flavour is pretty much exactly what I would expect a gummy pineapple to taste like

  19. Travis

    The gummy itself tasted awesome and the texture was good. I dunno why but lots of edibles don’t do much for me. I do have a high tolerance to marijuana as I have been a long time smoker tho. I’d definitely try these again maybe just a higher dosage.

  20. Jennifer

    Very tasty, works great!

  21. Carter

    Great flavour! Definitely take half or less if you haven’t tried edibles before

  22. David

    BC Pineapples give me hours of focussed attention on my work–I think the tops of any gummies I have had

  23. Catherine

    I’m still figuring out my optimal dose for edibles but I find that one half of a BC Pineapple gummy and I am a bit giggly and I sleep like a rock. They taste good with a nice texture.

  24. Shannon

    Great high! 1 gummy is enough for me to feel mellow and happy.

  25. Deryk

    I don’t know what it is with me and gummy edibles, but I don’t have much luck with them.
    I ate an entire pack of these and felt nothing ?

    Will only reorder as gifts for friends and fam

  26. Margarita

    Very clean high and tasty flavor. Definitely take a quarter or less if inexperienced with edibles.

  27. Robert

    These are tasty and a wonderful high took it with my wife going to try a higher dosage from sec really excited great product

  28. Clay

    Absolutely the best gummy’s on the market. Quality made product that will more than please any consumer. Best to cut into half or quarter sized pieces if you’re not a regular edible user. I will order again!

  29. Heather

    They work well and they taste good. Would recommend.

  30. Shannon

    Noticeable high. I take 1, but if you have not tried them, cut it in half first. a real good time!

  31. Jonathan

    These are great for sporting events!

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