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Lunar Alchemy Budder by SeC Information

Do you know what cannabis budder is? You don’t hear of it very often but budder is a type of cannabis concentrate. During the refining procedure of the cannabis plant, a viscous substance results from the manufacturing techniques, and that is the budder. It provides a very balanced experience with cannabis terpenes since most oils are retained within this concentrate.

How can you consume budder?

This doesn’t come from us but rather from the users who have bought and used this product for themselves. Apparently, it works perfectly with the Yocan Evolve Plus, leading to a potent vaping experience that you won’t soon forget! The effects are, expectedly, that of a cannabis high, with subtle differences depending on the individual and the metabolization rate.

You might feel a euphoric buzz around your head that slowly descends and takes over all your body. In a while, it should turn into a mellow state of relaxation and tranquility that puts you in a trance. It shouldn’t be a couch-lockdown state though, despite the concentrated form of the budder.

The Budder by SeC comes in small batches to ensure the best quality of the products. This is one of the reasons why we cooperate with SeC in the first place – their emphasis on product quality, rather than quantity. You’ll notice this trend with most of the cannabis manufacturers we work with.

5 reviews for Lunar Alchemy Budder by SeC

  1. Patrick

    This product is by far one of the most tasty concentrates I have come across. It has a strong earthy taste and extremely heavy, thick smoke. I find that it is the item that puts everything over the top. I have found that putting it in a joint, as opposed to a pen, works well. My eyes get heavy and my buzz seems to be strictly heady. I love it and recommend it to all daily smokers. This product is a must buy. Thanks!

  2. Alexandre

    Verry smooth but much potent,
    This works in a vape in a dab bong in a joint ,

    Simply great stuff,
    Love it !!!
    I strongly recommand 😉

  3. Patrick

    Tastiest budder on the market right now !

  4. Catlin

    This stuff is good. Smooth and flavourful

  5. Robert

    great product!! very well with the Yocan Evolve Plus .. a must buy!

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