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1 Gram Of Shatter

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Shatter by Sweet Leaf Information

Shatter by Sweet Leaf is a concentrate made of Hybrid strains that ensure the quality of material and effects. This Shatter is ideal for medical use. It delights its users with the harmonious woody, pungent and earthy flavour, as it offers a state of relaxation, happiness and creativity.

Shatter by Sweet Leaf is relied upon by those suffering from pain, stress, depression and insomnia. Sweet Leaf, being a top company specializing in the creation of premium extracts, delivers high-end quality and reliability with a wonderful selection of cannabis medical extracts and a generous selection of strains.

Shatter and Everything There is to Know

Cannabis concentrates, such as shatter, wax, oil, provide a much intense and potent high in comparison to basic flowers. They are the essence of cannabis, that preserves and contains the desired compounds through the extraction technique. These compounds are cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD and terpenes.

Shatter is a cannabis extract that shows up in a hard, translucent texture showcasing a glass-like appearance. Also known as Shatter Weed, Marijuana Shatter and Shatter Wax, this concentrate is one of the most potent, unique, beautiful, highly loved marijuana products on the market.

This concentrate in the form of Shatter, nicknamed the super-strength cannabis, may equal in consistency, but each product’s cannabinoid profile makes each Shatter unique in texture. In comparison, Shatter that contains higher levels of THC (tetrahydrovannabinol) may take on more of an oily texture at room temperature, whereas a product with a higher quantity of THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic) keeps a solid texture at room temperature that makes it easy to break.

In general, Shatters are known to contain high levels of THC, but some Shatters are created with a high level of CBD (cannabidiol) and a low level of THC. These are ideal for users who want the medicinal and therapeutic properties of these cannabis concentrates, without the effects of THC. Because of its significant content of CBD, these Shatters can be impressively effective to medical marijuana patients.

Shatter is loved by many for its heavy-punch high. Of all concentrates, Shatter is known to be the one that delivers the most potent effects.

A Safe Guide on How to Dab Shatter

If you are a dab fanatic, then you will be ecstatic to know that you indeed can dab Shatter. For novice users, dabbing is a very popular method that requires a small water pipe, known as the rig, with a flat bowl and a nail. This device is designed and engineered so that it can withstand high levels of temperatures.

Preheat the nail with a small butane or propane torch and keep heating it until it reaches the needed temperature. Using the flat end of the dabber, drop a small quantity of the Shatter into the nail. As soon as the nail and the Shatter come in contact, the concentrate will immediately vaporize. Make sure to cap the nail in order to capture the vapour. You may inhale through the opening on the opposite end of the rig.

Dabbing concentrated cannabis, such as Shatter, generally provides a more potent high. It is also more terpene-rich in flavours and aromas. Dabbing provides an impressively fast method for cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream, which enables instant effects.

Considering that Shatter contains an increased potency of cannabis extracts, for novice users especially, it is recommended to start out with less and increase accordingly.

A Guide on How to Store Shatter

Shatter is a very pure cannabis product, so proper storage is essential in order to ensure that this premium concentrate remains clean and free of debris. It is highly recommended to use gloves or parchment paper when handling Shatter. This will keep any oils and bacteria away.

Make sure to store Shatter in an airtight and lightproof container. This will prevent the degradation that improper storage would cause, which would eventually lead to this concentrate losing its initial consistency, flavour and potency.

For freezer storage, you can use parchment paper to separate individual dabs.

6 reviews for Shatter by Sweet Leaf

  1. Rob

    I got the Sweet Leaf “white Rhino” after looking at reviews; lots of support and positive reviews. I am also leaving a positive review.

  2. Dan

    AK-47 is a banger, love this stuff. Very stable which makes it an ease to handle, just snap and drop. Effect wise this stuff got my stoned to the bone, looking forward to trying other strains they have!

  3. Terry

    Love the taste and smell, heavenly.

  4. Patrick

    Absolute phenomenal for the price !
    Drop shatter for tha win!

  5. Tara

    High quality products with high quality results. Sweet Leaf rocks

  6. Tim

    I have been trying many different types of rosin, diamonds, ect so I thought I’d give this pine tar Kush shatter a try. Hands down the strongest out of any product I’ve ever tried on mmjdirect. It goes straight to your head. I did not fall asleep the high seem to keep me very active. Delicious taste with a very strong pine kush aroma. The scent is so strong you almost don’t have to burn it. I give it five out of five for smell five out of five for taste and five out of five for effects.

  7. Rory

    So, I usually don’t buy concentrates, because I like to make my own. I have been making oil and shatter for well over a decade. But every once in awhile I get curious. And when I got this is the mail today, I was glad that I went ahead and added it to my order. Its got a beautiful color, an almost clear amber. It was easy to work with, and such an amazing taste. They really did a nice job. After one toke each, my wife and I are just blissed out, hanging out on the couch drinking some nice tea. Highly recommend this product, its an all around winner in my books.

  8. Stephen

    difficult to argue with at this price point. there are more premium offerings available at nearby boutique stores that offer more bang but also for far more buck. my main gripe, and the reason why i’ve ultimately ended up choosing a different product, all the recent sweet leaf varieties i’ve ordered were either already completely sugared up by time i received them or they were in the process. while that may make no different to its potency, it makes it very tricky for me to manage and use in a wax pen. it’s just not that much fun to handle and use.

  9. Alexandre

    This product was very good, full of citrus, super tasty

  10. Dannick

    This Shatter is very beautiful for the price i recommanded for all!!!!!

  11. Shayne

    Really liked the afghani kush

  12. Michael

    I purchased the white rhino and I honestly have to say its top 5 shatters I’ve ever smoked. It knocked me the **** out! The smell is great and a little fruity, the taste is incredible especially when I take it low temp. I love the color the most. I dont know about anyone else but I love seeing light colored concentrations. This stuff is almost clear and you can literally see through it. 5 stars

  13. Julie

    Really good quality and taste. great value

  14. Ryan

    Smooth delightful smoke. Great high!

  15. Ken

    Love it

  16. Antoine

    Good shatter and what you expect. I like it and got me fuck up

  17. Patrick

    First off, the pricepoint is excellent. After years of spending waaaay too much on shatter, here is my relief. The price-to-weight ratio goes unmatched here. I picked up the ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ flavor, only to be impressed.
    I found smoking it in a pen made it go a long way. The taste is smooth and buttery and the buzz is total chill. Buy this. Buy this NOW!

  18. Emmanuelle

    We bought this and had high expectations,
    let me tell you, it was very worth it.
    Feeling very smooth ans easy breezee!

    I recommand to anyone who havent tryed this!
    Also shiping was very fast.

  19. Josef

    Just ordered two more,the last time this was great!

  20. Tyler

    I cant count how many times I passed this one up glad I finally gave it a try the white rhino was perfect glass consistency terps were unreal I didn’t expect much from a land race strain but surpassed ever expectation great high and can’t wait to reorder that with the white widow have to appreciate a classic high in a stronger version 🙏

  21. Patrick

    Finishing off green crack, AK-47 and rockstar tuna. All great tasting – very terpy with good strong clear high. Keep coming back for more.

  22. Josiah

    I ordered the comatose for my priority enjoyment to try, and I was not disappointed. Very terpy to me, and had a nice taste and aftertaste, when I used it out of my bong with the dab attachment. Would highly recommend any of these for sure! I tried the white widow as well and it was awesome too! Well done

  23. Alexandre

    Best price out right now !

    A1 product ,

    I recommand to anyone who havent tryed this one yet ,


  24. Benjamin

    The rockstar tuna strain is delicious and might slap you if you get heavy handed. Great quality and value is hard to beat. Would bump the review to 4.5 stars – Only issue is with the aesthetic stability of the shatter as it arrived as more of a crumb/budder. This was likely due to temperature changes in shipping but does not effect the potency of the shatter.

  25. Alexandre

    Sweet leaf got that good,
    For quality and price this is my go to everytime ,
    Many options ,
    Havent tryed a bad one yet

  26. Aaron

    Like to be in tha couch this strain is for you, relaxed and feeling great

  27. Alicia

    Awesome product for a great price. Will definitely buy this again.

  28. Danica

    Great value for money – pleased with this shatter

  29. Cecil

    A good deal compared to anywhere else .. also like the strain, hurry and ship already

  30. Donna

    Great Quality
    Strong Effects

  31. Donna

    The sweet gas I’ve been wanting

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