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80% Indica dominant hybrid

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Shishkaberry Information

Shishkaberry, also referred to as Kish, won 2nd place for Best Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001. Although the topic around its origins leaves some question marks floating in the air, the common belief is that Kish is the product of crossing DJ Short Blueberry with an unknown Afghani strain.

This cannabis plant is an Indica-dominant hybrid that measures about 80% Indica and about 20% Sativa. It is best suited for a lazy late afternoon or for nighttime use. Its high THC levels, that usually averages around 18% but reaches as high as 26%, may not be recommended for novice users. But small doses might make it a good choice for sensitive consumers as well.

Shishkaberry: Health Benefits and Effects

This cannabis strain, when it comes to its effects and their nature, is known to first lift the user up before taking them down. The first stage of the high can help one to loosen up and have lots of fun during a social set-up, while the second part of the high generally delivers a deep relaxation.

Due to its highly potent profile, Shishkaberry is widely used by medical patients as it can offer immediate relief to stress and insomnia. This hybrid can be very effective in helping those who experience general body pains, such as headaches, muscle tensions and aches. It has also proven to be a very powerful aid for people suffering from chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease. Those who generally struggle to be productive because of their medical difficulties, typically find that this strain enables them to get more things done.

The high of Shishkaberry generally starts out with a cerebral rush, that tends to leave its user in a focused, social, happy, uplifted and euphoric state. This effect will turn into a body high that usually translates into potent sedation. This usually causes a couch lock effect., which will throw productivity out the window. The high tends to wrap it up with very restful and peaceful sleep. Those suffering from insomnia do appreciate this closing act of the high.

Dealing with stress is one of the top medical uses of this cannabis strain. Due to its cerebral and body high properties, the immediate benefits of Shishkaberry is known to be relieving stress. This also results in significantly reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

The best part about this cannabis strain is that it is accessible to those wanting to experience all the benefits it can offer. You can easily buy Shishkaberry online in Canada.

Shishkaberry: Appearance and Aroma

Shishkaberry has earned a reputation due to its sweet fruity smelling profile, which is considered to be one of the best among the strains. It is known to have a potent pungent berry smell accompanied by an earthy undertone.

But its fragrance is not the only attraction. When inhaled, users tend to taste the same sweet fruity berry flavour. Upon exhalation, one might experience a small hint of earthy and herbal taste.

When it comes to the appearance of this cannabis strain, it showcases long, dense and thick nugs. These feature shades of purple covered in the generosity of crystal-like trichomes.

11 reviews for Shishkaberry

  1. Pat

    Shishkaberry is one of my new favourites. It was relaxing and was perfect for hanging out listening to music

  2. Guillaume

    wow, I have a crush on this one.. it’s tasty and burns really well too.. it helps to fall asleep.. perfect for the end of the day

  3. Romain

    You get what you expect from that nice lineage (DJ Short Blueberry x Afghan). Typical blueberry taste with a earthy aftertone. Great smell, great taste, excellent high. Not too sleepy but definitely a lower level vibe.
    This strain is the perfect balance for a Sunday movie marathon.
    I recommend 100% !

  4. Ricky

    Very fruity smell and taste. Nice clean burning. Great for bedtime. But beware of the munchies

  5. Tim

    I absolutely love this strain. It is now one of my top five. I Can’t Get Enough of that blueberry, garlic flavour. I used it for treatment of pain caused from arachnoiditis a auto-immune disease which attacks the nerves in the spinal cord. The results were unbelievable. Along with the pain killing benefits of this Bud there was also a noticeable anti inflammatory reaction. The smell and taste extremely distinct and does not get any better. The stone was very manageable and was easy to go to work and stay motivated. I give it a 5 out of 5 for taste, a 5 out of 5 for smell, and a 5 out of 5 for effects.

  6. Patrick

    Absolutely killer flower for night time !

  7. Kathleen

    Super tasty strain. Very nice to smoke after a long day to wind down. Slept soundly. Kathleen

  8. Deryk

    Not as potent as I like my smoke to be. On the other hand, it’s def not the worst strain I’ve smoked.
    Probably won’t reorder of this strain again, but like all strains, it was worth trying. B- at best

  9. Brittany

    Pleasant, but not very potent, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  10. Lori

    The bud is beautiful and I love the aroma but it’s Better in the evening as it helps me to relax and sleep.

  11. Travis

    Fantastic stuff! The buds are thick and decent in size. Small stems. The colours on the bud are full of “life”. It tastes fantastic and not overly pungent.
    It gives a very pleasant head high at first…the kind of high that you just wanna sit down, talk and jam to some nice tunes. Then the munchies kick in hard. I can usually fight off munchies…but with this stuff? Not. A. Chance. Last but not least, you are suddenly asleep before you even know it. This stuff is excellent. I wouldn’t consider this the kind of stuff to get “super baked” off of, rather…its simply a very solid bud with supreme indica characteristics that can be useful for a number of ailments including Low appetite/eating disorder, insomnia, pain, and stress.

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