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5 reviews for Sophies Breath

  1. Julie

    I have suffered with anxiety/panic disorder for many years and have tried just about EVERYTHING there is. After reading the reviews about Sophie’s Breath I decided to give it a try…,
    This is AMAZING, a true life saver for someone desperate for a break from anxiety.
    The calmness that came over me after smoking this is something I have been searching for, for too long. Search over

  2. Ryan

    A really enjoyable strain! Bought this on whim and glad I did. The buds were sublimely sweet and the reddish pistols gave it nice bag appeal.
    The smoke was smooth and sweet to the tongue. The high was relaxing, but didn’t zonk you out and it certainly got the creative juices flowing. I didn’t experience any anxiety or paranoia whatsoever and was able to accomplish quite a lot.
    Softie’s Breath is a good on so many levels. Thank you mid!

  3. Judy

    Sophie’s Breath is a heady high, creative euphoria. After a long day at work this strain is relaxing. Overall calm without the couch crash. Felt energized, picked up the guitar and played for a while. Would highly recommend for those with anxiety to relax and reset.

  4. Ryan

    This is a delight to smoke. as someone who deals with anxiety this strain does things for me mother medications don’t do. A head high with creativeness and energy is what makes this a perfect strain for any anxiety suffers. A soothing smoke matches the great appearance of the bud spot on.
    This is a strain for the connoisseur so do yourself a favor and get this soon.

  5. Marc-Olivier

    very good strain, it will keep your mind fluid, and will be of service to you by its awakening aspect. I share with you the taste, the high that can be used medicinally and recreationally, if you are looking to be alert, while relaxing on a good sativa high. The body will be excited and your brain will thank you. Be careful, this strain can be suitable for all users suffering from anxiety, it is the kind of strain that I like with a coffee and it offers the same result. 😉 If you hesitate because you are afraid of reprisals, think again you will not feel the unwanted side effects of some sativa !! It smells like sweet kush, very nice work of pheno hunt! Here it is, the sophies breath with the taste of sweet, creative, soothing kush for the day that I was looking for! : D

    This Strain is for you if you are looking to be creative while letting yourself be awake. Thank you! 🙂

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