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Sour Diesel Information

Looking for a strain that can give you the fuel to make it through the day? Sour Diesel is a potent sativa with a euphoric high that can help you run at full throttle. A favourite strain among rappers of the late 1990s and early 2000s, Sour Diesel’s ancestry includes Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk.

Sour Diesel has spawned numerous offshoots since its inception, with breeders worldwide taking note of its powerful sativa genetics. With a THC concentration that can reach 20 percent, Sour Diesel’s potency is nothing to scoff at. It’s a great all-day smoke, leaving users laser-focused and ready to take on whatever the world throws their way.

What Does Sour Diesel Look and Smell Like?

Sour Diesel takes its name from its aroma, and it doesn’t disappoint. An amalgamation of terpenes including caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene give Sour Diesel its unique scent, combining to create the distinct smell of diesel fuel. Hard, sharp sour tones accompany the fumy smell, which only doubles down as soon as a smoker sparks some of this strain up.

Visually, Sour Diesel is also quite appealing. It doesn’t boast crazy purple or red colours the same way that some premium strains do. Instead, it just looks like good pot. Rich forest green buds are crowned with orange- and rust-hued hairs, sheathed in a protective layer of trichome goodness. Make no mistake – it’s sticky, and will readily adhere to any fingers breaking it up.

What Is Sour Diesel’s High Like?

Sour Diesel presents all of the best parts of a euphoric sativa high. According to smokers, toking Sour Diesel can leave smokers uplifted and energetic and inspire them with creativity. It’s a long-lasting strain, so it’s best smoked earlier in the day. For medical patients, Sour diesel may have some health-related benefits. It may be able to help banish anxiety, depression, and stress, along with possibly helping smokers manage pain and fatigue.

12 reviews for Sour Diesel

  1. Jeff

    Picked up an Oz of this with some points I had and I was really impressed by this stuff. Burns nice and the head rush is there followed by a nice mellow buzz. I’m not the person to give palette reviews, but I would buy again.

  2. Randall

    A very good sativa strain. Helps you stay focused your tasks. I recommend this for a good day high.

  3. Joshua

    sour diesel was a smooth mellow strain. the smell and tatse are very pine like and will make you want to just relax, good strain!

  4. Madeleine

    As someone working in a creative field, I’m always looking for a nice daytime smoke that will let me get some work done as well as mellow me out a little. This Sour Diesel definitely fits the bill! The only downside I noticed is that I was slightly forgetful on this strain so I wouldn’t recommend it for work that involves a lot of writing. That being said, I didn’t feel foggy in any other way, and still let me get my projects done. I will be keeping this strain on the roster and I think it is a great option for someone looking to wake and bake at home while still being able to function and feel alert! It’s also got a great taste and goes down easy. Looking forward to trying more sativa-dominants that MMJ offers, but will definitely be purchasing this strain again in the future! 😀

  5. Tyler

    The king of sativas for all theuepratic properties not to mention sends you out of orbit and into a haze this is some real deal sour d I hope they keep this one around its been forever sense I seen such a nice cut and way to long sense I smoked it last little more diesel and that lung expansion and it the best sour d I ever had my hands on

  6. Alexi

    Great smoke! Smells amazing: hashy, piney, citrus smell. Big dense nugs. Not too dense to the point where it will get stuck in your grinder, just good. Lots of trichomes and orange hairs. Gets me pretty buzzed 🙂

  7. Shawn

    This is a fantastic strain and a fantastic grow. Beauty trim, fresh, piney, and delicious. Busts up super fluffy. I use it as my goto wake n vape, and at a low temp 357F, keeps me focused and on task at work. I’d love to taste a lil more diesel, but all around 4/5 stars. Thanks! 🌲👌

  8. Marc

    Simply awesome! Great tasting, high potency and well trimmed buds.

  9. Tyler

    This particular strain of sour diesel that I get here is very well grown and shares all the characteristics of true Sativa dominant sour diesel. Good taste and fresh buds. Lemon sour diesel is a close second. Good for smoking any time of day and really no come down. I find it’s cerebral mostly with a creative and calming effect. Would recommend for hybrid and sativa

  10. Travis

    Working from home I often wake and bake LOL and proceed with my day. For me I get a high energy buzz going on that comes with a clear mind. It’s not foggy, hazy or forgetful. When I browse the wide selection of what’s always available here when I see this strain it’s a definite add to cart. It’s got a great taste and a beautiful aroma while smoking. I have also made edibles with Sour Diesel and had much success. Many fun times with this strain. Just ordered 2 more ounces of this stuff today. So it must be ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  11. Alexandre

    Piney flower
    Nice sticky nuggz
    This stuff helped me a lot with my insomnia
    I can get more sleep .


  12. Rodney

    I have been a regular MMJDirect customer for several years and enjoy the wide selection of products that this company has to offer. Even though I enjoy trying different strains it seems that whenever Sour Diesel is available, I always end up ordering some. I find this sativa product to be relaxing without being too obvious as the calmness tends to come on slowly but is always predictable. I also enjoy that the affect seems to last longer than most of the other sativa strains that I buy. Therefore I would give this strain at least a 4 star rating.

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