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60% Sativa dominant hybrid

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Space Cookies Information

Looking for a high-powered hybrid that will launch you into outer space? Achieve escape velocity with Space Cookies. This cross between an unknown Afghani strain and the legendary Girl Scout Cookies presents a unique new take on the Cookies genetic line. As a well-balanced hybrid, Space Cookies is a great strain for morning, afternoon, and nighttime smoking. Its cannabinoid profile gives it a high that’s not too stimulating and not too sedative. With a unique flavour among members its genetic line, Space Cookies is a welcome departure from the ordinary.

What Does Space Cookies Look and Smell Like?

Space Cookies’ unique aroma is definitely one of its selling points. It boasts a notable change from the trademark scent of Kush lineage, a trait that nearly all Cookie variants express. That aroma doubles down once ignited, and this strain boasts a powerful sweet flavour intersected with a piney taste.

Space Cookies is a bright, colourful strain that’s visually stunning. While most cannabis flowers exhibit lime- and forest-green hues, Space Cookies is a vibrant rainbow of reds, blues, purples, and greens. Its orange-coloured hairs intersect each of the bud sites, giving this strain a lively arrangement of hues.

What Is Space Cookies’ High Like?

As a balanced hybrid, Space Cookies offers the best that both indica and sativa genetics have to offer with very few of the shortcomings. Smokers report feeling relaxed, calm, and tranquil, along with a euphoric, happy rush of emotion. However, the potent THC concentration of this strain means that it may be unsuitable for newer smokers. It’s easy to overdo it with Space Cookies, so make sure you treat this strain with respect.

Space Cookies’ high isn’t the only reason smokers enjoy it. Medical patients tout this strain’s healing abilities, saying that it may be able to reduce pain and inflammation, increase appetite, dismiss feelings of stress or depression, and improve sleep. Therefore, Space Cookies may be able to alleviate medical issues like arthritis, glaucoma, insomnia, Crohn’s disease, and more.

11 reviews for Space Cookies

  1. Tom

    One of my favourite strains, would buy it all the time but it is always sold out. Great for playing video games or to relax you on a long run. Often smoke in a vape but great in joints too. Highly recommend. 9/10.

  2. Jeremy

    Definitely worth the price! Nice heady buzz, smooth taste

  3. Ricky

    Great hybrid. Smoke a joint that lasted a few hours even after sleep was great.

  4. ziviot75

    Great smell and taste 10/10. Smoked one joint and was high for hours.
    Good sativa-sided bud, was able to chill and focus.
    Amazing smoke, high quality bud for fair price,
    I will be buying again 👍

  5. Vincent

    Space cookies really surprised me. small buds that pack a punch . The smell was amazing 10/10 smoke was smooth 😉 the buzz was very accurate with all the comments. It got me going thru my chronic pain. I was able to be active and at the same time chill in between joints 😎 really loved it will be ordering more in the future. Great down as well slept like a baby that night 👍. Vince.

  6. Paul

    Space cookies left me with a nice balanced high. The buds are beautiful and large, and the aroma is lovely. Though I found it smoked and tasted a little harsh with the batch I got.

  7. Steven

    Bought this strain as a daily driver, and was pleasantly surprised. The nugs arrived as described, with orange pistils creating contrast paired with green sugar leaves and glistening white trichomes. These beautiful buds provide a wonderful high that will compliment just about any task you hope to take on!

  8. dan

    Enjoyable aware and relaxed buzz, tasty and nice buds. Another success from MMD D 🙂 deh

  9. Emily

    Absolutely gorgeous buds, so sparkly. I’m not a huge fan of cookie strains, but this one was a nice mild experience, perfect for a nice afternoon outside

  10. Matthew

    Space Cookies, were great for the price. it was not my first choice in why i bought it, but it did have a nice satvia feel, i felt the indica outweighed the sativa benefits. i recconded for people on a budget and i reccomnded for people who dont mind small buds, and hybrid that is more on the indica side of things!

  11. Lauren

    Nice high, fairly mild but pleasant

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