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StarLits by SeC Information

SeC StarLits are truly one-of-a-kind cannabis edibles with a high THC concentration. The pack contains two stars, each worth 150mg, for a total of 300mg. You can eat them one at a time or both at the same time. Though, you should be perfectly aware of your tolerance level. Otherwise, these SeC StarLits will take you through an unexpected mental journey. Instead of calming down, you might start leaping in euphoria and joy.

The bodily effects are to be expected, though. The relaxation and sedation resulting from one of these stars is enough to alleviate most chronic pains and aches. The SeC StarLits only contain:

  • Water
  • Gelatin
  • Organic raw cane sugar
  • Glucose syrup
  • Citric acid
  • Natural and artificial flavour
  • Colouring
  • Organic virgin coconut oil
  • THC

What do the SeC StarLits look and taste like?

These SeC StarLits taste of peach and cream, and the flavour is very delicious and scrumptious. When you put one in your mouth, it’ll start melting in a puddle of sweetness and creamy peachiness. The aroma will make your nostrils inhale as hard as possible, and your taste buds will fully enjoy this experience. As you swallow them, the flavour will stick by your side for a long time.

SeC StarLits look like two yellow jelly stars, both of them shining from so much THC concentration. Most cannabis edibles would look bland or uninspired, but not these SeC StarLits! They’re just what you should expect from SeC, a manufacturer focused on quality, purity, and safety above all else.

What are the effects of the StarLits?

When you eat one of the SeC StarLits, the effects will first attach to your head, calming your mind and relaxing you thoroughly. If you were stressed out, exhausted, or in a bout of depression, these should disappear shortly. This edible will also improve your mood and make you more motivated to finish your tasks for the day. You become more active and energetic as the psychoactive experience reaches a peak.

The SeC StarLits also affect your body in a relaxing and sedative way. The pain-relieving benefits of these edibles should be of help if you have muscle aches or stiffness bothering you. We recommend starting with half a gummy and waiting for about an hour to determine your body’s reaction to the THC. When you know your tolerance level, you can increase or decrease your dose as you see fit.


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