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Sugar Black Rose is not only sugary but also healing and psychoactive. With its 80% Indica profile and THC concentration of 18-21%, this strain puts your mind on the backburner and heals your body from all its medical symptoms. Whether you suffer from migraines, insomnia, or chronic pains, a couple of smokes from Sugar Black Rose are enough to alleviate most of your symptoms. And that’s not all, since consumers are also interested in flavour and aroma. This strain is just too delicious to pass on!

What does Sugar Black Rose look and taste like?


The plant is quite thick and fast-growing, while its dried form is crumpled-up, with small nugs and dark-orange hairs growing everywhere. The buds are dressed in forest-green leaves, with a thick coat of crystal trichomes covering them. If it wasn’t for the trichomes, you’d have thought this plant would come alive right now, with how ripe it looks. But the whiteness of the trichomes add a certain snowy appearance, improving its appearance even more.

Speaking of flavour and aroma, Sugar Black Rose tastes like a berry cocktail, with dashes of floral earthiness and skunky sweetness. It has a very peculiar odour and smell that you wouldn’t mistake for anything in the world. Once you smell it, you won’t want to put it down. Instead, you should take a breather to calm down and start smoking. The psychoactive and therapeutic effects are even better than you can imagine, especially if you suffer from severe medical conditions.

How does Sugar Black Rose affect you?


Most of the effects that Sugar Black Rose is known for are related to sedation and relaxation. While this strain does uplift your mood with a dash of euphoria during the initial phase, this won’t last long. Before long, you’ll be coaxed in a state of perpetual relaxation that soothes your mental worries and heals your physical ailments. You’ll love every moment of it because it feels too good! The peak of relaxation comes roiling forth, with a berry flavour. What’s not to like?

When it comes to therapeutic benefits, Sugar Black Rose takes the cake for one of the most effective and potent medical strains out there. Whether you want to treat your headaches, migraines, nausea, inflammation, or chronic pains, this strain is sure to help. Its heavy physical effects will sedate your body in its entirety, sending relaxing vibes throughout. It won’t stop at nothing before healing you!

2 reviews for Sugar Black Rose

  1. Romain

    Really rare cross around here, if you are looking for Domina lineage ! That taste in something unique.
    Well balanced strain, good for relieving pain and overall chill around.
    I recommend 100%

  2. Ricky

    This strain is best for sleep about 1 hr after smoking it but me out for the night

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