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Sugar Tears by ScienceLab Information

Most cannabis tears products would have a rather unpleasant taste, making it difficult to consume them. However, this changes with the ScienceLab Sugar Tears. These tears are so sweet you’ll barely believe it. What’s more, they contain no THC at all, which means they’re not psychoactive. You won’t get high after consuming them. Instead, the most important aspect about the ScienceLab Sugar Tears is their CBD-infused therapeutic potential.


Once you get a taste of these Sugar Tears, you won’t want to go back! CBD counters the effects of THC and not only that. It also treats various symptoms of migraines, inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, spasms, and even lethargy. You’ll become more motivated, your mood will improve, and your body will receive a solid dose of relaxation and tranquility.


What do these ScienceLab Sugar Tears look and taste like?


The 1ml syringe contains 50mg of pure-grade CBD that’ll affect your mind and body in excellent ways. Sugar Tears are transparent in colour and possess clear therapeutic properties. Unlike other unsavoury tears, these ones are very sweet due to the added sugar. It makes consuming them an easy and pleasant process. Why should you make a compromise in taste when treating yourself?


We believe you shouldn’t, and the same goes for ScienceLab. They lab-tests all their products, ensuring top quality, purity, and safety. The ScienceLab Sugar Tears look unassuming in that 1ml syringe, though they’re quite the opposite. Once you taste them, you’ll know just how beneficial they are. They can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, appetite loss, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and more.


What are the effects of these Sugar Tears?


Cannabis topicals have one express purpose – to heal your body and mind. If you’re anxious or depressive, then consuming these tears would calm your mind and ease your depression. Your worries and negative thoughts gradually disappear, replaced by hope, motivation, and a mood-boosting effects. The CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system, producing beneficial changes to your body, as well.


If you have arthritis, muscular aches, stiffness, or nerve pains, the ScienceLab Sugar Tears can help you manage those symptoms. Apply the product sublingually, hold it there for about 30 seconds, and then swallow. Your oral mucus will absorb the Sugar Tears and send it straight to your bloodstream, increasing the potency of the effects, and the delivery rate. In a few minutes, you’ll feel your body becoming number to the pain.


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