Sunset Sherbert

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85% indica dominant strain

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Sunset Sherbert Information

Sunset Sherbert contains approximately 85% Indica and 15% Sativa with a moderate THC that usually averages around 21%, with different variations depending on the batch. The aroma and flavour profile of this weed strain is fruity and sweet tasting with notes of berries and bubblegum. The initial mental and creative high may lift your mood, possibly making you feel more social and at ease.


The body high of Sunset Sherbert offers relaxing and slightly sedative properties that may alleviate chronic pain and other discomforts in the body. The overall high of this sweet Indica cannabis strain is known to help with nausea and lack of appetite.


Mood-Altering And Anti-Inflammatory Properties


Sunset Sherbert is a marijuana flower with well-balanced medicinal qualities best-fitting for late afternoons and evenings. The high of this weed bud doesn’t usually cause a couch-lock effect. Instead, it is known to boost the mood, elevate creativity, and encourage relaxation leading the user into a state of euphoric ease.


A boost of creativity. Although this cannabis strain carries a heavy Indica ratio, its effects are also Sativa-like. Its psychoactive effect generally promotes creativity and even motivation.


De-stressing. The calming and relaxing effects of Sunset Sherbert provide de-stressing benefits, allowing your mind to slow its tracks in racing and anxious thoughts.


Enhancing the mood. This weed strain is known to assist individuals who are struggling with depression and anxiety, ranging from mild to more severe cases.


Nausea and lack of appetite. Sunset Sherbert is commonly used by many to help reduce nausea and promote a better appetite.


Reducing chronic pain. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of this marijuana bud may effectively address a variety of physical aches and discomforts, such as back pain, headaches, migraines, nerve-related pain, or joint pains.


Notes Of Sweetness


Sunset Sherbert has gained popularity for its beneficial effects but also for its enriching flavour and aroma of earthy sweetness. The buds of this marijuana flower are usually rich in notes of berries and bubblegum in a coating of refreshing tree-like hints.


The taste of this weed strain usually delivers a fresh and uplifting experience with notes of exotic fruits, citrus, and berries. The effects of this bud can be quite potent. We recommend it to more experienced users. But for newbies not willing to pass on this sweetly-tasting strain, we recommend starting with a small dose and building on it slowly.

4 reviews for Sunset Sherbert

  1. Jean Roch

    Another great Indica strain that did wonders for my severe chronic insomnia. A strong earthy smell upon opening the bag, with very fresh buds not overly dried. For me, it has a slow creeper effect that I really enjoy. The only reason I gave four stars was due to the number of micro buds but they were still very good.
    P.S. Had some Bubba Kush left from my previous order and when these two Indica strains are mixed together they have an amazing knockout effect that is great for anyone with sleeping disorders.

  2. Kathleen

    Great taste, smell and high. Really enjoyed this product. Kathleen

  3. Brandon

    Smells hazy with the stimulation of an indica, that’s a win for me.

  4. Barbara

    Just received this in the mail today. Fast delivery! (I live in Prince George). Haven’t tried this strain before, it delivers! Unique aroma. Burns great.

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