Super Mario (Greenhouse)

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Super Mario (Greenhouse) Information

Super Mario brings a heavy THC concentration to bear. It ranges from 12-18%, building up to one of the heaviest weed effects you’ve encountered. The Sativa dominance improves on this aspect, as it delivers undeniable energy and euphoria. Super Mario has a rich taste and flavour of woody earthiness. You’ll absolutely love it, even before you realize how therapeutic Super Mario actually is.

It can relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions. This is the reason why many medical patients buy Super Mario from an online dispensary. It’s a delicious strain with an extra dose of therapy included in it!

What does Super Mario look and smell like?

Super Mario looks like the type of strain you’d pick and smoke at a first glace. The frosty trichome layer is just too appetizing, especially when surrounded by the bright-orange hairs. As for the bright-neon nugs, they’re clumped together, making for a delicious-looking picture that you can’t wait to smoke. The strain, not the picture, of course. Earthiness, wood, and a bit of pine aftertaste will welcome you after taking a smoke from Super Mario.

If you’re thinking that this strain can’t get any better, think of this – the flavour gets even stronger the closer you get to the end-phase of the psychotropic effects. As soon as the euphoria turns into relaxation and sedation, the flavour will double in intensity. So, if you enjoyed it at first, you’re going to love it as it gets to the end. We recommend smoking this strain whenever you feel like treating yourself to a fine treat!

What are Super Mario’s effects like?

Super Mario isn’t like other hybrids you’ve smoked before. This one is Sativa-dominant, which means there’s almost no sleepiness or couch-lock experience here. There’s a bit of sedation at the end, though it only manifests in rejuvenating relaxation and tranquility. Your muscles will ease off and your body will fall into a deep state of relaxation. This happens during the end-phase of the experience.

Initially, Super Mario sends shivers down your spine with intense euphoria and strong motivation. You’ll feel happier than ever after you take a smoke from this marijuana strain. Your motivation will also spike upwards, giving you something to hold onto to pursue your goals for the day. This strain allows you to improve your performance and finish your remaining activities without getting exhausted.

It’s a great Sativa strain for those days when you can’t get yourself up and running!

38 reviews for Super Mario (Greenhouse)

  1. Richard

    I love smoking this weed

  2. Shylo

    This is a great strain. The smoke is easy to pull. Great taste as well. I preferred this bud in a joint rather than my bong. The taste just fills the mouth. Great high that comes with it. Nice and mellow. I usually smoke before bed time and feel happy and relaxed. I would highly recommend this strain if you are a new smoker or veteran!

  3. Alicia

    Loved this one! Greenhouse grows are always super great! I used this one for hanging out with friends and other daytime use. Would recommend for a usual indica user that’s looking for a daytime strain that won’t cause too much anxiety.

  4. Steve

    This was a nice strain. Energizing, but nothing crazy.

  5. Maude

    This is the best bang for your buck, ever. Although it’s a high CBD strain, the relatively high THC keeps a nice happy buzz that doesn’t last too long. It’s a perfect stain and I will be buying lots more!

    On to the important stuff…
    It is a sativa. It is light and bouncy.
    Colours seem a little brighter, music sounds a little better, you know the feeling.
    It’s not going to make you forget how to do math, but it is going to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step while you tackle cleaning the garage on Thanksgiving Sunday.

  6. Sinan

    Super Mario Greenhouse took me on an unforgettable journey. From the first hit, an intense euphoria washed over me, accompanied by a surge of energy and motivation.

    The woody earthiness and hints of pine in its flavor profile were truly delightful, intensifying as the experience progressed. I was impressed by its therapeutic benefits, relieving both physical and mental tension, and inducing a deep state of relaxation.

    With its Sativa dominance, it offered an uplifting experience without sedation, making it perfect for days when I needed a boost. Super Mario Greenhouse is a potent and exhilarating strain that I highly recommend trying for a euphoric adventure.

  7. Tim

    Taste wasn’t special, high was ok. ok for the reduced price point I got it at but wouldn’t buy it full price

  8. Mike

    Smooth smoke not too harsh, burns well and for this price it’s a great deal. Nice productive high and no burn out excellent if your on a budget.

  9. Tabitha

    Inexpensive and excellent

  10. Cédric

    I think this strain is definitely one I’ll go back to. I’ve started using it because I was looking for a cheap strain, but it turns out that this is pretty good quality. If you like to be a lil high during you daily tasks, this strain won’t knock you out (unless you take two tokes).

    I usually have trouble gauging how much cannabis I smoke, so having a strain that isn’t pure trichomes is a breath of fresh air. If you usually grow your own weed but are in a though spot because of the growing laws, you’ll be happy with this purchase. At the end of the day, this strain is as good as what they sell in SQDC, but at 1/4 the price

  11. ADAM

    What can I say about this, it is what it is, ditch weed. Make no mistake I absolutely knew what I was getting into!!! You get what you pay for and this is exactly that. The reason I purchased this is, truth be told I got quite excited about the fact that I believe a package of cigarettes in this day and age costs around $20? I don’t smoke that shit so I’m not positive!! In my younger years in a pinch we would use a fresh king size smoke as a weight against a gram of grass on a balance scale (30 years ago) I don’t smoke that shit so I’m not positive!! There is something about purchasing a bag of grass today for the same price as a pack of smokes that just excited me. Rewind 25 years, A good bag of grass would be depending on the who, what, where, when, How of it all would be relative to today. a package of smokes 4 bucks give or take.. Point is if you are going threw hard times and you need a little something but can’t afford much, get it! Tastes like lawn clippings and smells like something you would feed a goat. But as stated it will do the job that is required of it and you can grab an oz for the price of the change your kids drop in the the back seat of your car!!!! If your that broke but you have the vice buy it. I won’t probably buy it again, for one reason and one alone, I don’t have too. However I absolutely respect that there is something out there for people that maybe a bit down on there luck, and all they need it to grab a little buzz here and there to get threw. weather its through cookies our just choking it back!
    I’m giving this a 4 star, not for quality, or any of the other things I have already stated, just because the simple economics of it. This could have easily been manufactured into something to make more of the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR, but it wasn’t.

    Good show MMJ

  12. Winstonite

    Good body buzz. Beware of sleepiness and laziness.

  13. Lauryn

    if your looking for a day time high that still makes you functional than this strain is for you – perfect for everyday to get work done with a lil buzz and well priced

  14. Barry

    I was looking for strains I haven’t tried that were on sale. I ordered this at a great price (affordable when on a budget) and found it packaged nice with a moisture control packet and received quickly (surprisingly fast)! The bud itself busts nice and fluffy with an slight pleasant aroma. My preferred consumption is in a bong — and this bud was not harsh – has a nice aftertaste that is enjoyable. The high lasts and great for being creative and I was finding myself more energetic (opposite of being couch-locked). Was surprised by both quality and price of “Super Mario” and would highly recommend. Will be purchasing again!

  15. Livv

    Ultimately decided to purchase this one for 2 reasons: I love me some Super Mario

  16. Robyne

    Great quality for the price. Leaves me chill and relaxed without being glued to the couch. Would buy again!

  17. Sam

    Great strain.
    Incredible price for the quality of bud,
    wasn’t expecting much from the cheaper buds but this one holds up pretty well.
    Very smooth smoke, not too harsh.
    Pretty impressive high for the price point.
    Highly recommend trying if you are on a budget.

  18. Cassie

    Great high and great price. 😁😁🤣Will buy again for sure. It’s a nice steady high with a very very small burn out. Nice for night time or movie time but can also be creative with it. Super crystally and delightful. Definetly one of my fav greens on the site! 🥳🥳

  19. Mario

    I was a little hesitant before buying this type of weed. Since it was one of the cheaper kinds, I wasn’t expecting too much, but was pleasantly surprised. The fragrance and aroma was amazing and the high was just right. Not too potent and not too mild. It worked the best for me during the day. I was able to function and actually get some work done around the house. I highly recommend Super Mario, as it’s well worth the money spent.

  20. Amber

    Very good product!!

  21. Viviane

    Gave me a nice buzz thru the day

  22. Jennifer

    Looks great, smells great, tastes great. Helps me clean my house and not feel burnt out afterwards.
    I head the Mario theme song playing after smoking while zipping around doing things.

  23. bertrand

    Very good ratio quality/price.
    Small buds but well trimmed so you don’t smoke leaves.
    Very nice euphoric high. Ideal for daytime.
    I used it to focus during my creative works or to enjoy a walk in the park.
    Very nice to share with friends. Makes everyone happy and no risk with its medium potency !

  24. Harrison

    Buzz was pretty good. Overall nice high from it and pretty tasty for a greenhouse grown bud! I would recommend it to everyone!

  25. Evan

    Really enjoy this strain. Hadn’t had it before I saw it on MMJ and now I’ve purchased three times, once being a really great deal on an oz. Amazing price point, nice heady smoke that’s perfect for daytime and getting things done because its not too intense. Some shake in the bottom but to be expected from greenhouse grown. Perfect budget smoke in my opinion, rolled joints for days out of this one. Will buy any time its in stock.

  26. Marc-Olivier

    I very love this product the smell us unique and amazing

  27. Brian

    Great value for money! Well done qnd thanks mmh

  28. Michael

    The product for the price is exceptional, the uplifting vibe is super, pardon the pun.
    Great for a sunny afternoon or to chill and watch a movie with!

  29. Madeleine

    Was looking around on MMJ for some new strains at a lower price range that I could use for a nice daytime smoke and to get some work done. Super Mario didn’t disappoint! Nothing particularly special about the taste or spell, but gave me a nice chill high that didn’t overwhelm me, and let me get some art and creative work done. Would definitely recommend as a budget friendly standard smoke, especially at this price point!

  30. Morgan

    I got this strain basically for the price and it pretty ok for the price you pay. Not a heavy hitter obviously! but if you want a strain to tide you over til you can afford better stuff this is alright.

  31. Chad

    Usually when I’m high I have nothing more then watching Netflix planned in my future. But this gave a mellow enough high I wasn’t couch locked, I was even productive. This was awsome if what your looking for is a good high that allows you to do a couple chores.

  32. Matthew

    wow, this bud looks so beautiful and full. very tasty and good day time strain which does not burn you out or do anything along those lines.. this super mario kush is something else. the price point is perfect and i would honestly keep using this greenhouse type weed forever. the price and quality really hit home for me. don’t hesitate to buy this medicine and get this strain. you’ll feel so relaxed and happy. most importantly rejuvenated.

  33. Judy

    I would recommend. The price is great and smooth smoke.

  34. Brenda

    I found Super Mario very smooth, easy on the throat. It was a pleasant buzz

  35. Brandon

    grabbed a few ounces of this strain on the black Friday sales and was quite amazed. it was one of the cheaper kinds so wasn’t expecting to much but was actually very surprised. big dense kiefy buds, that smelled amazing and burned very well. was a very chill high as well. recommend this kind 100% gotta try it. getting more as soon as I can 🙂

  36. Barbara

    Awesome deal! Burns and smokes well 🙃
    Hope this is a regular!

  37. Tim

    Tastes like a standard greenhouse strain. Nothing super special but the stone is impressive. Definetly a great deal I highly recomend.

  38. Guillaume

    i like it.. very good deal!

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