Super Soaker

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Super Soaker Information

Super Soaker is for the well-experienced cannabis user as its THC content reaches high levels of 30% potency accompanied by low CBD content of 0.60%. The powerful Indica high of this weed bud can quickly take you to a mental and physical sedation that could feel like being in a relaxing and soothing coma.


The aroma and taste of Super Soaker is a blend of earth, pine, and spice notes with a lemon aftertaste. The overall experience makes for a fresh citrus and a floral pleasantry.


Super Soaker, The Evening Knock-Out High


The high delivered by Super Soaker will feel like a soothing warm bath that washes over your head, making its way all the way to your toes in a soothing way. The high hits instantly and powerfully.


The mental and physical high of Super Soaker will numb your mind from stress and your body from aches. A sense of euphoria will embrace your whole being while your muscles relax into a state of comfort and ease.


The coma-like sedation will appear pretty soon. It will be like disconnecting from anything and everything that weighs you down, overwhelms your mind, and tenses up your body.


You may coast in this highly relaxed state for a while before you slip into a deep sleep that offers you the mental and physical rest you need.


Super Soaker, A Fresh Citrus And Floral Weed Strain


As you light Super Soaker, you will smell and taste a tornado of spice, pine, and earthy notes. This blend of notes brings an enjoyable experience overall.


The fresh citrusy aftertaste with a floral touch creates a pleasant harmony in fragrance and flavour.


Super Soaker, Green On Green


Super Soaker is an overall green-looking strain, the Grinch of cannabis in appearance. The dense green buds are hugged by green leaves. Very light hairs can be traced, a pale orange look that is easily lost in the sea of green.


This Indica-dominant cannabis strain is coated with sugar-like trichomes.


2 reviews for Super Soaker

  1. Lynn

    Absolutely love this strain! Uplifting, relaxing and sedative all at the same time. Defo buy again!

  2. Ricky

    Absolutely love this strain. Very sweet. Tasted like the og skunk would buy again 10/10

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