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Sweet OG is a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain with some of the best euphoric effects in the industry. Your mind will be ravaged by the energetic wave coming from the first smoke. Once you indulge in that smoke, you’ll keep on smoking until you can’t stop anymore. And the euphoria keeps on piling on your mind, improving your mood and elevating your energy levels to unknown limits. It’s not a great choice for beginners because it can be quite potent at times!

What does Sweet OG look and taste like?

 This strain has very dark-green buds, with ample orange hairs growing on the nugs. Everything is loose and rather large, with the thick orange pistils playing an important part in this visual impression. The nugs are also quite dense and resinous, with long lines of resin running down the stalk of the plant. As you feel the skunky aroma and inhale the earthy smell, it’ll dawn on you that Sweet OG is very potent. The thick layer of crystal trichomes is another sign of its increased potency.

Its skunky flavour is not overwhelming, though it’s certainly very potent and intense. We could say that it’s an acquired taste, since the kush taste is quite sour at times, with the earthy aroma making things even more intense, so to speak. While many consumers wouldn’t exactly call this strain tasty, most of them would appreciate the purity and intensity of the flavour.

How does Sweet OG affect you?

 What Sweet OG does best is infuse your mind with sickeningly intense euphoria. It feels like the waves of the oceans are battering against your mental defenses. And you’re on the losing side. Soon, you won’t be able to keep the energetic flood from taking over your mind. It’ll feel great, though, with ample energy to spare after getting your mood right on track. You’ll also feel more motivated and sociable than ever before, which is always a good sign. Its psychoactive effects include:

  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Increased motivation
  • Sharper senses
  • Boosted energy
  • Chattiness and giggling
  • Sedation and relaxation

Once we get to the physical effects, Sweet OG becomes quite appealing to medical patients, as well. Its sedative effects may not be overwhelming, but they’re quite potent thanks to the 18-23% THC concentration. It’s not a surprise that, once the high reaches a peak, you become relatively sedated, with a bit of couch-lock taking hold of your body. Among the medical conditions Sweet OG can treat, there’s anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and migraines.

11 reviews for Sweet OG

  1. Martin

    I consider this to be a good ‘party’ strain. It starts off with a solid boost of euphoria, with uplifting feelings and a playful, energized mood. It mellows later into a sense of release, ease, and is good for depression and/or anxiety. I find this to be helpful when I need to feel relaxed enough to socialize, but don’t want the fuzzy haze. It leaves the body relaxed but without sedation, and the mind alert to follow conversations and add humour and playfulness with the right amount of connectedness.

  2. Jean-Sébastien


  3. Evan

    Really really enjoyed this strain. Great taste, strong but in the best way. Amazing head high that slowly moved into a bit more body, but never took over into a couch lock feeling. creativity hit me right away, would be perfect for a night of making or a day outside in the sun. great for daily smokers. I will definitely buy this again and the price point is actually very good for the quality, most other strains I’ve tried at this price point have been lackluster in comparison. Beautiful looking bud, too.

  4. Tina

    Perfect daytime weed. Perfect. It is light and fluffy, and really aromatic. It tastes delicious smoked but OUTSTANDING in a vaporizer. It doesn’t lead to heavy munchies and it is definitely anti-anxiety, anti-depressive, same effects I get from super lemon haze and other limonene heavy strains. Uplifting without too much distortion. I like it.

  5. Peter

    Smokes very smoothly, burns easy and has a nice smell and taste. The high is uplifting and great for daytime use. I’ve been smoking this after work and it’s a great way to unwind without putting yourself to sleep. This is a great budget strain, that will reliably get you good highs without putting too much pressure on your wallet.

  6. Alec

    Wonderful flavour and very smooth. The high comes quickly and lets you know that its there. I really enjoyed the ride. Take it easy when smoking large amounts. The effects are quite powerful.

  7. Eric

    great price and smoked great, would buy again

  8. Daniel

    Sweet OG is the perfect strain to get out and enjoy some nature. Go for a hike, bike ride or other activity and you’re not going to be couch-locked with this one. Got this one for camping and it was perfect for the daytime. The THC content is high and will leave you feeling relaxed in no time.

    As always with MMJ, the quality for the price you pay is second to none. About to order some more in fact

  9. Jen

    Great high, would definitely buy again

  10. Kirsten

    Very good smoke. I smoke weed everyday. I love this stuff.

  11. Patrick

    Now, again, I got a sales email saying that AAA Oz’s are on sale for $89. I got a couple and Sweet OG was one of them. The buds were small-to-medium size, which I don’t mind. They were a darker green and full of dark orange hairs. I don’t see the presence of crystals or trichomes, but the buds are tight and tidy. The aroma of the buds is a bit Earthy and very sweet. I happen to like that as well. It broke up nicely,fluffed up quite a bit and it’s acrid aroma certainly filled the room. The smoke was light and the flavour was very sweet and kind. The effects of this sweet sativa were quite powerful. It was smooth sailing with this stuff. No sedation and quite uplifting. I’d recommend this to anyone and the price makes me recommend it to myself. Love it. Thanks.

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