Sweet Tooth

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Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

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Sweet Tooth Information

Sweet Tooth is not only popular for its sweet taste, but also for the 1st place award it received at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001. Its genetics comes from the crossbreeding between landrace strains from Hawaii, Afghanistan and Nepal. This hybrid cannabis strain is honoured with the survivor’s title as it successfully and courageously faces the attacks of pests.

Sweet Tooth is an Indica dominant hybrid, of about 70-85% Indica content, with a THC level of about 18%. In some cases, it is possible for this cannabis strain to be more balanced out, containing approximately 50% Indica and 50% Sativa.

This Indica dominant strain has a light to medium green appearance. It produces a good yield and has long, deep green coloured leaves. As it ripens over-time, it can showcase dark purple tinges between the leaves of the buds. These buds are known to be very dense.

Sweet Tooth is ideal for nighttime use. Its buds covered in sugar crystals offer a sweet berry and flowery taste. The scent of it is also known to be pleasant and flowery.

The Health Properties of Sweet Tooth

Even though Sweet Tooth is an Indica dominant strain, the Sativa traces can help the user get into a lucid cerebral state that could produce creativity, but it is still recommended to use it for nighttime. The only occasion where it can be used for daytime is when there are no activities to be done since it will cause a powerful body stone. For this reason, and for its sedative effect, it is potent in dealing with insomnia, launching the user into a relaxing and sleepy state.

This hybrid is generally used for a variety of medical remedies. It is known to be effective in relieving pain, whether the pain is chronic or of debilitating nature. It has proven to help those suffering from arthritis, back pain, and general aching in the neck and joints.

Many users have found Sweet Tooth helpful in their struggle with depression, stress and anxiety. Its prominent effect can be euphoric that can result in an uplifting and invigorating cerebral state. This can provide a realistic sense of happiness. Those who report experiencing an increase in their creativity levels are amongst the lesser percentage.

9 reviews for Sweet Tooth

  1. Jean-Sébastien

    wow very good taste.Smooth buzz perfect after work.Beautiful orange hair .that ‘s my girlfriend . Sweet tooth !!!!!!!!

  2. Jace

    Decided to try this out because I just couldn’t resist the deal that was on. It really does smell and taste sweet! Easy to bust up but very sticky. I find this strain helped me when I had a lot of negativity going around my mind and needed to calm down and put things in a better perspective. I’d recommend smoking this in the evening since it is an indica dominant strain and I did find it made me tired

    Only reason for 4 stars and not 5, it just wasn’t potent enough for me, but I do smoke regularly. With that being said, I think this would be an excellent strain choice for beginners

  3. Drake

    So this is a new one. Actually never heard of Sweet Tooth Strain till i seen it on MMJ. Did some research and decided to buy a bag.  My first response on opening the bag? I was blown away because this doesn’t even smell like Skunk at all. It’s honestly the first time i have smelled weed that was Sweet! It’s honestly a treat to smell this every time.

    The thc content isn’t very high (around 16%) it isn’t anything that will knock you back in its potency,  however I would argue that isn’t always a bad thing, for example,  this is a really good weed for your first bowl to ease into the high. Or if you’re still a low tolerance smoker.

    The buds are Small to medium however that is normal for the strain. Not too dense so they grind up nicely.
    Now, my reason for the 4 instead of the 5 is the trim, a lot of the nugs have left over trim, which wouldn’t be a big deal, however they are almost white making them very noticeable on the nugs that have some left, not a huge deal but still worth considering.

    Overall,  it’s been a nice experience and this stuff is delicious.  Worth Trying before you die!

  4. Raymond

    Good Price. Good strain. Nice fruity odour opening the bag. Smoke is smooth and high is uplifting for me. Bus size is decent from large to small. I would definitely recommend and possibly purchase again. Im also confident in trying the companies other strains.

  5. Kim

    Nice taste, overall great product !

  6. Kirsten

    Very good smoke. good in the day and in the night.

  7. Raffi

    Great quality! 😎

  8. Ricky

    Very nice buds covered in crystals. Nice wake n bake

  9. Tyler

    5 stars plus 5 more stars keep this one around and bring back the bigger buds abouslety caked out in trichomes beautiful flavour this is a real deal i hope to see more bc based strains in the future as I think their the best.

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