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Tahoe OG Information

Tahoe OG is known for its heavy Indica properties that carry sedative effects. Many users report that this is one of their favourite go-to strains to help with insomnia. The initial cerebral high of this weed strain may deliver a sensation of calmness, allowing you to enjoy some relief from anxiety or depression. As a surge of relaxation covers your mind and body, you will most likely fall deeper into a sleepy state that could lead to a night of restful and uninterrupted sleep.


Depending on the phenotype of Tahoe OG, both its Indica to Sativa ratio can differ, as well as its THC levels. Some batches may offer THC content averaging at 20% while others around 27%. Some phenotypes of this marijuana plant carry 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, while others 90% Indica and 10% Sativa.


Beneficial Effects


Tahoe OG is an Indica heavy cannabis strain, although some phenotypes may contain up to 50% Sativa or higher. The overall high of this weed flower delivers relaxing, creative, and sleep-inducing effects. The calming and mood-boosting properties of this bud may ease symptoms caused by anxiety or depression.


Insomnia. The cerebral high of Tahoe OG generally calms the mind and soothes anxious feelings while the pain-soothing properties of this strain ease aches and tension. This blend of comforting effects can lead to a night of restful and uninterrupted sleep.


Subtle mood-boost. As the subtle euphoric and mood-boosting effects of this weed flower elevate your happy feelings, potentially reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, you may relax into a state that is calm and at peace.


Loss of appetite. You may feel a boost in appetite before the heavy sleepy high fully sets in.


Creativity. As the initial cerebral high is settling in with uplifting effects, you might also notice a boost in creativity.


Stress. With the calming and relaxing effects of Tahoe OG, you may experience a comforting relief from stress and mental tensions.


Chronic pain. The pain-reducing properties of this bud could alleviate chronic pain and other physical discomforts, including arthritis, migraines, or muscle cramps.


An Earthy Lemon Taste


Tahoe OG generally has a smooth smoke with a scent that delivers notes of pungent earthy, pine, and lemon with a woody undertone. The taste of this cannabis bud adds a spicy spin to the experience with the dominant notes of lemon and woody.

3 reviews for Tahoe OG

  1. Alexandre

    Belle qualité mais je m’attendais a plus de goût , pour du OG il reste quant meme assez puissant et l’effet dur longtemps.apparence pâle avec des teintes de mauve,senteur très léger pour OG.comme d’habitude le produit est frais et brûle tranquillement, merci mmj 😁

  2. Cassie

    Great high! very happy every time i smoke this one 🙂

  3. Ryan

    A calming smoke eases you into relaxation. Citrous taste with A hint of earthyness. High was noticable, definitely give a thumbs up

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