THC Cherry Gummies by Boost

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THC Cherry Gummies by Boost Information

Full flavour and intense aroma of cherries come together with incredible therapeutic effects. The Boost THC Cherry Gummies make you feel incredibly relaxed after delivering a super dose of THC. The initial euphoria will eliminate all your negative thoughts, anxiety, depression, and bad mood. It’ll change your way of seeing things for the moment.


Only the best ingredients are used to create these Cherry Gummies, which leads to an organic and fantastic flavour. The THC concentration is 10mg per gummy, for a total of 150mg per package. There are 15 gummies per pack, so there are plenty of them for many occasions. Usually, one is enough to provide an intense experience of relaxation and euphoria.

How does the Boost THC Cherry Gummies affect you?


The body buzz starts when you first consume your first gummy. After 40-60 minutes, the effects will kick in, starting with your head. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and more motivated all of a sudden. Your creativity will receive a boost for the meantime. Then, the psychotropic effects descend through your body, easing your aches and pains.


Medical patients use these gummies to treat their medical condition, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. There are plenty of uses for the Boost THC Cherry Gummies if you know what their effects are. Given the exact THC concentration in each gummy, these are ideal for micro-doses.


What’s the best way to consume these gummies?

We recommend eating a single gummy on your first try. That’s just so you can observe the effects on your body. Use this experience as a reference point for further doses. If one gummy isn’t enough, then you increase your second dose. With enough experience, you’ll be able to start micro-dosing these gummies for the perfect cannabis journey. Boost THC Cherry Gummies improve and boost your body and mind beyond the normal!

5 reviews for THC Cherry Gummies by Boost

  1. Alkistis

    These taste great – which is not always the case with gummies that can have a weird or oily taste to them.. They lasted me for a good while, and even though they’re supposed to be 20mg they were STRONG. Also tried the mixed back but the Cherry flavour is the winner for me

  2. hugo

    I highly recommend these gummies great tasting and potent.

  3. Georgia

    I highly recommend all of the Boost gummies. Great flavor and certainly effective. I always buy the larger dose, but sometimes cut them in halves or quarters for desired effects. I still think strawberry is my favorite flavor, but these gummies are great. Great price, great effect, will buy again and again!

  4. Leon


    With each containing gummy containing a double dose, you might want to consider only taking a half the first time you try them.

    Taste if reminiscent of strawberry Jello.

  5. Karen

    Yum. I got the double dose and it was well worth the price. All of the Boost flavours I have tried are good but the cherry Is my favourite. As a long time smoker I can confirm these gummies are not only tasty but VERY effective.

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