THC Distillate Carts by Liquid Sunshine

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THC Distillate Carts by Liquid Sunshine Information

If your number-one consideration for the quality of cannabis products is purity, it’s hard to beat Distillate. THC Distillate is as close as it gets to raw THC, reaching purity levels of 99.9 percent. Liquid Sunshine used purity as their north star when they developed these THC Distillate Carts. Designed for use with a 510 threaded vape battery, each 1-gram Cart is filled with a mixture of THC Distillate and natural cannabis terpenes. Terpenes are flavour compounds that carry the specific aromas and tastes that cannabis develops naturally in the wild. They also may have unique changes on the effects of an extract.

What do Liquid Sunshine Distillate Carts Look and Smell Like?

Liquid Sunshine’s THC Distillate Carts each contain 1 gram of THC Distillate with terpenes reintroduced. The mixture is a THC-rich goo, viscous and thick with minute bubbles of air trapped within. Its deep orange-amber colour is an indicator of its quality – darker-coloured extracts are generally less pure. Vapour will have an aroma unique to concentrates, along with a smooth, rich smoke with a pleasant texture. Flavour will depend on the strain, but generally carries a hashy taste similar to its aroma.

What are the Effects of Liquid Sunshine Distillate Carts?

Since Liquid Sunshine’s Distillate Carts use THC and natural cannabis terpenes as its main ingredients, it has similar possible effects as marijuana. However, while weed buds usually only have a THC concentration of 20-30 percent, Distillate can reach up to 99.9 percent. As a result, Distillate Carts are significantly more potent that cannabis flower is.

THC, the main ingredient in these carts, may have several possible health-related benefits. For example, some sources say that THC may be able to improve sleep, reduce swelling, and eliminate anxiety. Because of these traits, THC Distillate may be particularly effective at helping manage the symptoms of issues like arthritis, insomnia, and anxiety-related disorders.


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