THC Snow

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60% Indica Dominant Hybrid

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THC Snow Information

THC Snow is an exotic and rare weed strain with a few peculiar characteristics. It doesn’t exist on many of the online dispensaries in Canada, and only a few of them sell it. Its parents are White Russian, Big Bud, and THC Bomb. The result is an ultra-THC punch of citrus and diesel that leaves your mind wandering through relaxation and sedation. It has a very smooth smoke that calms you down instantly.

There’s an uplifting effect associated with it, though, as the 40% Sativa has a word to say. The euphoria passes relatively quickly, though, and then the relaxation settles in. Your body becomes mushy and soft until all you can feel is the relaxation getting deeper and deeper. This strain is one of the best therapeutic remedies existing today, and its medical benefits are excellent.

What does THC Snow look and taste like?


The dark leaves contrast beautifully with the white and snowy impression of the trichomes lying everywhere. This plant is gorgeous when you first look at it, with hints of light-green leaves, surrounded by orange hairs on all sides. Usually, THC Snow is covered in trichomes from top to bottom, which reflect positively on its THC concentration at 21-28%. This THC concentration is insanely high, and it leads to wildly intense psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Try it for yourself and you’ll see!

When you thought things couldn’t get any better, THC Snow welcomes you with its citric flavour. There’s a bit of diesel hidden there, and you might stumble on it upon exhalation. Though, the citrus flavour is key here, and it gets complemented by hints of spiciness. Upon getting to the exhale, your lungs will be filled with the citric aroma already. This leads to intense cerebral effects and bodily relaxation. When the experience begins, it’ll start off without giving you any time to prepare!

How are the effects of THC Snow?


This strain offers one of the best Indica experiences ever. When you think you’ve tried them all, THC Snow comes packing an extremely high THC concentration, at 21-28%. Its 60% Indica inheritance leaves you asking for more after the first smoke. The euphoria comes first, which leaves your mind free of depression and anxiety. You should feel more motivated and happier. In the meantime, the body buzz puts you in a state of blissful relaxation.

With the bodily effects taking place, THC Snow will treat your medical symptoms efficiently. Generally, consumers use this strain to alleviate their insomnia and headaches. But it’s also good for stress and fatigue, as well as chronic pains such as arthritis and neuropathic pains. It works fine against multiple sclerosis, inflammation, and bipolar disorder symptoms, as well. With a few smokes of THC Snow, your mind and body climb to the very peak of relaxation and comfort.


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