THC Sour Green Apple Gummies by Boost

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THC Sour Green Apple Gummies by Boost Information

What could be tastier than sweet, fresh apples with sugar crystals sprayed on them? The Boost THC Sour Green Apple Gummies offer a unique bittersweet experience that you won’t soon forget. On top of the unforgettable apple flavour and fragrance, these gummies are quite potent in their own right. The physical sedation will leave you blissful and wanting for nothing else.


When the effects kick in, you’ll feel yourself getting warmer, as the body buzz slowly envelops your entire body. Steadily, your muscle aches and soreness vanish, followed by any chronic pains like those of arthritis. Let the bittersweet flavour take you through a world of healing and therapeutic goodies!


How can the Boost THC Sour Green Apple Gummies help me?


These gummies are the perfect snacks that you won’t want to ever let go of. If you haven’t tried any Boost cannabis edibles before, these Sour Green Apple Gummies are the perfect moment to start loving them! These don’t have to be savoured, to be fair. The explosive apple aroma will take over your senses either way. Pay attention to the therapeutic benefits overcoming your body and mind, though!


If you suffer from anxiety or depression, these gummies will alleviate any symptoms. They’ll also improve your mood substantially, putting you in a state of endless bliss. The effects last for a good while, which means you’ll have a good time for a few hours. Your pains and aches vanish as if they weren’t even there. Were they, though?

How can you dose the THC Sour Green Apple Gummies?


Thanks to the genius manufacturing methods of Boost, these gummies each contain a specific concentration of THC. Thus, it’s simplicity itself to micro-dose your servings one at a time. You know exactly how much you consume, and you can experiment to see what’s best for you.

6 reviews for THC Sour Green Apple Gummies by Boost

  1. Stephen

    Nice and gentle buzz- great taste and reliable high

  2. Kent

    perfect amount of THC nice body stone

  3. Stephen

    excellent to have at hand if you’re looking for a slightly smaller dose. i also love the (mostly) plastic free packaging, i wish other vendors would take notice. great taste, too. what’s not to love?

  4. Georgia

    Can’t say enough good things about the gummies by boost! Highly recommend, I love all of their flavors and they taste so good. Whenever I order edibles, their gummies are the first I put in my order. The effects are consistent, hit the right way (whether full or half dose), and don’t leave me with the foggy/hazy “weed hangover.”

  5. Derek

    Great product and very similar to the Bliss. Both are my go to when I order the gummies.

  6. William

    I will absolutely be buying these again. They taste delicious without that strong aftertaste you often get with gummies. The effects are very strong and last a long time. Some of the best THC gummies I’ve tried.

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