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THC Strawberry Gummies by Boost Information

Cannabis edibles made by Boost are all top-quality and very potent. The Boost THC Strawberry Gummies take you one step toward your perfect self. If you have muscle or joint pains, insomnia, anxiety, or depression, then these gummies will help you alleviate the symptoms. Most importantly, they’re easy to dose because each gummy contains a specific THC amount, depending on the actual product.


Medical patients use THC Strawberry Gummies to increase their quality of life with an organic cannabis product. These gummies are very accessible and incredibly flavourful. The strawberry aroma is overwhelming, and there’s no way you won’t like it. After eating one gummy, the effects will begin within the hour, putting you under sedation and a deep state of relaxation. There’s a bit of euphoria as well.


What do these THC Strawberry Gummies taste and look like?


These strawberry gummies look like regular jelly gummies, with a rough and sugary texture. The gummies are red, though you’ll be more impressed by the intense strawberry flavour. THC Strawberry Gummies are juicy and scrumptious, with a natural flavour of strawberries that’ll overwhelm your senses with joy and satisfaction. The oncoming effects are a continuation of this euphoria and relaxation, with even more beneficial effects for you.


Every time you bite into one, you’ll feel a strong wave of strawberry taste flood your mouth. From now on, your taste buds will start producing saliva every time you contemplate eating a gummy. In a word, these gummies are irresistible for even the most veterans of cannabis enthusiasts. You may have eaten cannabis edibles before, but you definitely haven’t eaten edibles this delicious!

What are the THC Strawberry Gummies’ effects like?


THC Strawberry Gummies impact your body in never-before-seen ways. As you consume the first gummy, the effects are already preparing to overcome your body. After 30-60 minutes of waiting, your body will start relaxing and becoming more sedated. Eating more than one gummy ensures a few hours’ worth of deep sedation, euphoria, and relief from pain and inflammation. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt before!


Many clients report the therapeutic benefits that Boost THC Strawberry Gummies provide. Among these benefits, we can name euphoria, relaxation, relief from anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, etc. Medical patients should consume these gummies carefully, depending on their selected dose. We recommend waiting until the effects are over before increasing or decreasing the dose. Boost THC Strawberry Gummies are the only things you need to alleviate your symptoms!

6 reviews for THC Strawberry Gummies by Boost

  1. Lisa

    These are the edibles I always go back to – my Top 3 for sure!
    The taste is good, the high comes in slowly (the way I like it) and if last for over 1 h (for me). Will always buy this one over and over again:) recommend

  2. Colin

    Excellent gummies. Bought these to try some new gummy edible brands and they exceeded expectations. First time, i had two and it was an intense high that knocked me out quickly after kicking in. Reduced the dose to one piece and got a longer lasting high that I was able to enjoy on a couch and eventually falling asleep to.

    Flavour is great, very little, if any, weed taste. Did give me some munchies so keep something healthy around if you are prone to eating a whole bag of chips while high.

  3. Anna

    These were one of the first edibles I tried. I really liked them. They have a nice chill vibe and the candies are nice tasting. I like to cut them up into smaller portions so I can still work/create with a mellow buzz. Would buy again if I was looking for more edibles

  4. C

    One of the best things about these are the taste and even better is the small dosage per candy allows you to control your buzz. The small tin makes it pocket friendly to take with you. I would buy again and again and love that they have more new flavours to try!

  5. William

    You cannot go wrong with the Boost gummies. I have tried every flavor and they are delicious. It is difficult to only eat one at a time so you don’t get too high. Delicious and potent.

  6. Georgia

    Great quality gummies! The strawberry Boost gummies are my favorite of their product. I absolutely love the strawberry/sour taste with it, and love that you cannot taste the cannabis. When buying the 20mg, I find it’s really good bang for your buck. I frequently split the gummies into halves or thirds and will still provide me with a nice high or the desired results (relaxing, reducing anxiety, taking a nap). Will continue to buy this as long as it’s available!

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