THC Suppositories

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10 Suppositories per pack

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THC Suppositories Information

These rectal and/or vaginal THC suppositories contain 10 suppositories per packaging, giving you the option of choosing from the selection of 50 mg THC, 100 mg THC and 200 mg THC.

Why Choose Suppositories?

THC Suppositories would be a preferred and ideal choice for patients who are going through chemotherapy, experiencing severe nausea, and are not able to keep oral cannabis because of it. Patients in severe conditions who can’t wait long enough for an oral administration to make its effect, for them the suppositories are an ideal choice as well.

They are also great for the elderly who don’t have the ability to swallow pills, nor smoke. And of course, patients with surgeries also fall in this category, who are not allowed to ingest anything, either before or after undergoing a surgical procedure.

Rectal administration of THC Suppositories is approximately 50% to 70% efficient, and the effects it brings can be predictable from patient to patient, and even from dose to dose. Just to offer you some perspective, inhaling cannabis is approximately 10-25% efficient, but this depends on the quantity and frequency of you smoking it. Eating cannabis is around 20% efficient, and its effect time varies every single time.

With the rectal administration, to start experiencing its effects, it can take about 10-15 minutes, but the effects are known to last four to eight hours. The effects of inhaled cannabis can be felt pretty much right after smoking it, but they wear off fairly fast unless you just continue to smoke it often. Through the method of eating cannabis, it might take 30 to 90 minutes until the effects can be experienced, because it has to go through the intestine and liver.

If you are someone to whom this method of administration would be ideal in order to receive maximized and long-lasting effects, you can buy THC Suppositories online in Canada.

The Effectiveness of Suppositories

Made with Cacao butter and Cannabis Oil, suppositories are believed to be a more effective method than regular administration. If you were to smoke or eat, the same amount in comparison to a suppository, the medicinal effects of the product using a suppository is of higher standing.

The reason for this is because, once the suppository is placed inside the anus (or vagina), the medicinal compounds contained in these products are absorbed in a higher speed directly into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall. This achieves a so-called superior bioavailability in comparison with other forms of administration. But even though these suppositories are highly bioavailable, they are known to offer less psychotropic effects, compared to when they are orally administered.

It can be described as more of a body high, and not a mental high, which makes it helpful with sleeping, relaxing, resting.

Opening Instructions: Peel apart the top part of the packaging, which is the part without the horizontal lines.

2 reviews for THC Suppositories

  1. Shawn

    My wife was interested in trying these suppositories after suffering from hemorrhoid s for twelve years after children. She was on the verge of going for surgery and in 3 applications of the 200 mg suppositories they are nearly gone. I have a bad back and a broken neck and I tried a suppositories and was amazed at how my back and neck pain disappeared with no psycoactive effects.

  2. Lora

    These are amazing.

    I have incredibly heavy and painful periods and this product has really helped.

    I use one every 12 hours.

  3. Heather

    3rd time ordering these. Have used anally and vaginally, not much difference for pain relief due to vomiting. Definitely have to be aware there could be “leakage”🥺. I’m very high tolerance so go through these pretty quickly on bad days. They have to stay cold. Invaluable to have on hand. So far great customer service.

  4. Wilton

    This is my third order. Started with the 100 mg suppositories. I found that I sometimes had to double them. My next purchase was 2 tins of 200mg suppositories.

    I do have chronic back pain, as well as some IBS. I noticed that if I did the application before going to bed, I would have a good restful sleep and no signs of backpain or internal rumblings. They do a hell of a job as an anti-inflammatory. They do tend to yield some interesting dreams.

    I also noticed that for a daytime application I will get a headbuzz after about an hour; which was not anticipated.
    but a nice bonus.
    Now ordering my third order.

    Wilt T. Edmonton, AB

  5. Natasha

    I purchased the 100 mg suppositories for menstruation pain relief, and I’m so glad that I did! These babies work so much better than taking traditional painkillers like Advil and Tylenol, as they work quickly and last longer. I’ve suffered from painful periods and large painful menstrual clots for over a decade, and these pods have been such a blessing to me. Once I start to feel discomfort, I insert a pod (I use a tampon to help push it up as far as I can) and I get relief as quickly as 15 minutes, and the pain and grogginess is gone. If I were to take a painkiller, sometimes it takes an hour for me to feel any relief. If you’re thinking about purchasing these pods for menstruation related issues, do it! The prices on this sites are also lower than other sites, so take advantage of the double blessings.

  6. Patrizia

    I was hesitant to use these but after talking with my doctor in depth about it (his suggestion to try them) I gave it a try. It would be nice if they came with an applicator for convenient insertion.

    It took about 20-30 minutes before I noticed that I wasn’t in as much pain and didn’t realize that I had actually had a pain-free day until about 9 hours later when it started coming back. As some others mentioned, there is a bit of leakage so wearing a pad is a good idea.

    One of the things I love about these is that my whole body feels relaxed and pain-free (without getting the munchies) and feels like I have more energy and am able to do more physical exercise. They don’t cause weight loss but they have helped me because now I can actually exercise and be active which has helped lose weight and with that has come reduced pain in my hips. 🙂

  7. Vania

    Took me a while to finally find these things but I’m so happy I tried them. I tried the 50 and 100, and was great. Helped me with my lower and mid back pain. And period cramps also. Usually took 20 minutes for effect and lasted most the day relief.
    Has a smell to it but doesn’t bother me. Make sure it’s stored in a cooler place , there not to big. Good size. Enjoyed it. Definitely buying more and trying out the stronger ones soon

  8. Emily

    Super easy to use! Wonderful addition to the bath if you use it right! 😉 Can’t wait to order the higher dose!

  9. Christian

    They work just fine. As mentioned in the description, it’s more of a body high than a head high… great for sleeping. Highly recommended if you can’t inhale or ingest, but otherwise I would stick with the normal stuff. Warning: green oil may leak from whichever orifice you put these in after a few hours. I made sure to shove mine in as far as I could and there was definitely still some leakage.

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