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THC Tropical Gummies by Bliss Information

You wouldn’t think that some of the best cannabis chefs in the world are busying themselves with making tropical-flavoured gummies. But that’s exactly what’s happening with these THC-infused Tropical Mix Gummies by Bliss.

The company’s head, Miss Bliss, is a cannabis chef who taught at Oaksterdam University in California, one of the best marijuana schools in the world. These Gummies reflect that – super high-quality snacks infused with clean THC 100 percent derived from cannabis plant. Each pack contains 300 milligrams of THC, divided between 15 Gummy treats (that makes 20 milligrams of THC per Gummy). If you love an edible that unites classic taste with potency, don’t sleep on Bliss’ Tropical Mix Gummies.

What Does Tropical Mix Gummies Look and Smell Like?

Each 15-Gummy pack of these Tropical Mix Gummies by Bliss contains four equatorially-themed flavours: guava, blue raspberry, and pineapple. They’re not flavoured with natural cannabis terpenes, but that’s actually a blessing in disguise. Instead, they’re representative of true Gummy taste, blending the zing of citrus with the succulent taste of sweets. Make no mistake – these snacks are next-level.

What Are Tropical Mix Gummies’ High Like?

These Tropical Mix Gummies by Bliss pack a potent punch, thanks to their 20-milligram dosage. Under normal circumstances, taking one or two of these Gummies should be adequate to get the average stoner high. For those seeking more intense experiences, higher doses are possible – just pop an extra Gummy into your mouth.

Your body doesn’t process edibles the same way that it does smoked or vaped marijuana. As a result, edibles last longer and produce more powerful possible effects than other routes of marijuana administration. They do take longer to kick in, though. While smoked or vaped weed hits you instantly, edibles can take up to an hour to exert their possible effects.


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