THC Variety Pack by Boost

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THC Variety Pack by Boost Information

You might have tasted single varieties of Boost THC Gummies. But what about the Boost THC Variety Pack? This pack includes a wild assortment of delicious fruity gummies waiting to explode in your mouth. The flavours are as diverse as you might expect, with 15 gummies in a pack. There’s about 10mg of THC per gummy, which is equal to 150mg of THC per pack.

If this much THC isn’t enough for you, then we don’t know what is. The therapeutic effects bring usual effects such as euphoria, motivation, focus, relaxation, pain relief, and sedation. With each gummy you’re ingesting, the more intense the effects will be, though.

What are Boost THC Variety Pack’s effects like?

Are you prepared to blow your mind with the Boost THC Variety Pack? Because that’s what this variety pack will do – fill your mind with endless euphoria and motivation. Your mind will be like a candle instantly lit up like a dynamite. It might even improve your creativity and imagination for the time being. Many medical patients said that the Boost THC Variety Pack helped them with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle soreness
  • Stress

A single gummy taken at the right time can reduce your panic attack or depressive episode. It’ll reduce your pain to a manageable tickle that you’ll barely feel. Medical patients have successfully used the Boost THC Variety Pack to treat their symptoms with great success.

How can you dose out the THC Variety Pack?

These gummies each contain a specific THC concentration, 10mg of THC per gummy to be more exact. It’s very easy to dose them out. Moreover, you’ll find it easy to increase or decrease the dose by eating one gummy more or less. Depending on the intensity of the effects, you can adapt on the fly to the THC concentration!

8 reviews for THC Variety Pack by Boost

  1. Lisa

    Love that you can really easily split these into smaller pieces – doesn’t get easier than a square! Don’t expect not to taste cannabis, it’s a really obvious after taste, but they do a good job of adding enjoyable flavour on top. Gets stuck in my teeth sometimes, wouldn’t be great for someone with loose dental work.

  2. Sherrie

    Great tasting, we order 20ml’s and they pack a nice punch or you can cut into pieces to dose down if need be. I’ve tried many gummies and been disappointed but this brand is our favourite.

  3. Alkistis

    The perfect entry level gummy. You can def start off with these before moving onto the double potency. Plus the flavour mix is fun. Unlike other edible gummies, this brand has nailed how to get the taste right without any weird after taste. Also the potency is GREAT

  4. Serge

    Bought these 10 mg and also the 20 mg version. The 10 mg was mild and worked perfectly for my girlfriend while the 20 mg were perfect for me. She’s a light weight and I’m an ol’ G. I’d recommend these for a light users.

  5. Manon

    Mon préféré 🙂

  6. Caleb

    These are amazing. Dangerously good tasting and chill buzz

  7. Marco

    This is extremely favorable. It’s tasty and makes me feel very calm and happy. One of my go to’s. Recommend this one 100%

  8. Georgia

    Boost is one of (if not the best) my new favorite products. The taste is second to none, and the gummies have always been “fresh” (not hard or too chewy). I like both the 10mg and 20mg option depending on what I’m going for (10mg for a nice buzz and enjoyable afternoon or evening, 20mg for some solid sleep). These gummies do a great job of relieving my anxiety and stop me from obsessing over my problems. Can truly relax and let go of my issues for the day.

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