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The Flo cannabis strain offers a pleasant taste complemented by flowery, sweet, and piney notes. With an approximate ratio of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, the use of this weed is mainly recommended for the afternoons and early evenings to potentially ease the mind, boost one’s mood, elevate appetite levels, and enjoy a state of relaxation.


The THC levels of The Flo weed plant usually average around 16% offering a lower to moderate high, although some batches may provide a higher THC content. This cannabis strain can be consumed by newer marijuana users, but even with a moderate THC strain, we would suggest starting with a small dose and slowly building on it.


An Afternoon Of Happy Feels With A Touch Of Creativity


The Flo weed plant might be a good option for a relaxing and uplifting afternoon with a positive boost. The high of this marijuana plant may tickle your creative side, potentially inspiring you to break out some creative activities or projects, such as painting or drawing. There are a few more potential benefits to this weed strain.


Reducing anxiety. Whether your current circumstances or your mind that is in a state of unease and worries are causing waves of anxiety to come crashing down on you, the high of The Flo strain may be of assistance as it usually reduces levels of anxiety.


Helping with stress. The calming and relaxing effects of this cannabis strain may help with stress, potentially relieving its symptoms and allowing your mind and overall state to step into relaxation and calmness.


Promoting appetite. If you find yourself lacking in appetite, whether because of stress or nausea, The Flo may be able to help you gain better appetite levels.


Reducing inflammation and physical aches. The body high of this marijuana flower may reduce inflammation and pain in the body caused by a variety of medical conditions.


Positive and happy mood boost. The Flo carries mood-boosting and uplifting effects that may help with mood swings and mood disorders, such as depression.


A Sweet Flavour


The Flow is said to be a delicious strain with enjoyable notes of pine, fruity, and flowers, although some users describe its aroma as somewhat stinky but still worth smoking it because of its effective effects. If you are new to cannabis strains, give Flo a try by starting with a small dose for enjoyable effects.


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