The One by Gastown Collective

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The One by Gastown Collective Information

The One brings a supreme euphoric experience from the best weed grower team in Canada – Gastown Collective. These guys and gals have been providing potent medical strains for a long time. They’ve got the experience and they’ve perfected their craft to the peak of possibility. Top-quality strains like Mimosa and Gorilla Glue are just some of the few examples of what they’re capable of.

Gastown Collective is known for the trademark gas cans or jars used to house the delicious weed. They’re always brainstorming other strain ideas that would put them ahead of the pack. And they succeed in doing that! The One is simply one of the latest additions to their repertoire, an evenly balanced hybrid with a potent woody aroma!

What does The One look and smell like?

The One has a potent woody fragrance, with shades of earthiness and pine. The pungency of the forest fragrances is almost unmatched when compared to other marijuana strains. Weed enthusiasts will love that this strain seems to taste like the sweetest and spiciest treat they’ve had in years. A similar woody and pine-like flavour will enrich your taste buds and compel you to take a second smoke. The smoke is smooth, with accents of earthy and pungent wood flowing all over the place. You’ll barely feel the smoke as it goes into your lungs and makes you a healthier person!

What are The One’s effects like?

The One’s effects are what you might expect from an evenly-balanced strain. The Sativa and Indica heritages are 50-50, which means The One provides both euphoria and relaxation. As soon as you take a first toke, the smoke will put your brain into a state of euphoria and motivation. Your mood will stop fluctuating and focus on happiness and lack of worries.

When the high reaches the threshold and enough time passes, it’ll start flooding your entire body, producing tingly and fuzzy sensations. When you feel them, your body starts melting into a state of relaxation. But don’t worry! You won’t be sedated or couch-locked for the duration of this strain’s effects. You’ll have all your senses with you, ready to react to the slightest stimulus.

The One’s therapeutic benefits revolves around treating glaucoma or eye pressure, depression, anxiety, appetite loss, headaches and migraines, and nausea. It may also relieve gastrointestinal disorders, spinal cord injury, stress, chronic pain, ADD and ADHD, arthritis, and even insomnia. Many medical patients have also used The One to treat hypertension!


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