Tom Ford Pink Kush by Gastown Collective

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Tom Ford Pink Kush by Gastown Collective Information

Tom Ford Pink Kush by Gastown Collective carries THC levels that usually range between 23% and 25%; some batches may offer variations of its potency. The 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genetics make this weed bud suited for evening use for a time of comforting relaxation. The cerebral high may wash over you with a euphoric and happy wave, leaving you feeling calm and elevated. The deeply relaxing and sedative effects of this Indica may help ease symptoms of chronic pain, depression, and insomnia.


Tom Ford Pink Kush is a stunning-looking cannabis plant with small and dense forest green nugs featuring pink and purple streaks beautifully complemented by vivid pink and orange hairs. The aroma and taste of this weed flower is a pleasant combination of sweet honey and sour citrus with hints of earth and woods.


A Euphoric Sedation


Tom Ford Pink Kush by Gastown Collective usually delivers a calming and relaxing mental high with a gentle euphoric uplift. Overall you may feel more positive, being able to let go of anxious thoughts and worries. As the calming relaxation settles deeper in, you may feel a strong sense of hunger requiring snacks. After the mental and body sedation, you may notice that you are getting more sleepy until you fall asleep to enjoy a night-long restful sleep.


Chronic pain. With the heavy Indica and high THC makeup of this cannabis strain, the sedative properties can be strong enough to alleviate chronic pain, including migraines or arthritis.


Low mood. Tom Ford Pink Kush carries a euphoric high with an uplift effect that could potentially decrease symptoms of depression or anxiety.


Appetite loss. Whether your appetite loss is caused by stress or a more severe medical condition, the high of this marijuana plant may boost your appetite and increase your hunger.


Stress. The relaxing effects of this weed bud may replace stress with a sense of comforting calmness.


Insomnia. The deeply sedative and calming effects of Tom Ford Pink Kush could help with cases of insomnia, potentially inducing sleep that is restful and lasts through the night.


A Citrusy Sweet Profile


Tom Ford Pink Kush is a cannabis strain with a sweet and citrusy profile. As you smoke this weed, you may detect notes of herbal, earthy, and sour notes. The taste of its smoke carries a honey-like sweetness with a woody undertone.


This cannabis flower should be reserved for more experienced users who are comfortable with this level of THC and Indica.


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