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80% Sativa dominant hybrid

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Trainwreck Information

Trainwreck is a legendary strain with classic lineage, and potently intense effects. Your head will feel heavy with cerebrally uplifting benefits, and a calming body buzz that numbs any aches and pains. The sativa dominant hybrid is a unique cross from the 1970’s of Afghani x Thai x Mexican strains. Trainwreck delivers a satisfyingly pungent and highly elevated experience, that is ideal for daytime use for recreational or medical users.

Glistening Nugs with Sweet & Spicy Flavours

The strain bursts with contrasting sweet and spicy flavours, that has hints of pine and citrusy lemon scents. You’ll be refreshed with the natural aromas, that are quite pungent upon your first whiff. Trainwreck’s hefty buds glisten with shimmering crystal-like trichomes that are highly sticky to the touch.

In fact, it’s coating is so ample the strain is well-known for being somewhat ‘gray’ or silver in colour. You’ll be pleasantly pleased with the strain’s sweet and smooth smoke that is invigorating to the senses.

Well-Balanced & Stimulating Effects

Trainwreck may be a 90/10 Sativa to Indica hybrid, but is surprisingly relaxing for the body, while stimulating for the mind. The strain packs a punch with high levels of THC ranging between 18 – 25%. Your high will come on slow at first, and provide a rush of euphoric good feels soon after lighting up.

The sativa benefits stimulate creativity, provoke deep thoughts, and promote conversational skills. Making it ideal for social, or daytime use, and even waking and baking to get your day started off on the right foot. Trainwreck is mood-elevating and exhilarating in overall giddiness and happiness.

Trainwreck’s Medical Benefits

After the surge of energetic and stress-relieving elevation of the mind, your body will feel tranquilly relaxed with a soothing body buzz. Trainwreck’s calming benefits are ideal for a number of common conditions like chronic pain, PTSD, migraines, arthritis, ADD, stress, depression, amongst others. If you’re new to consuming THC, be aware of the strain’s potency and begin low and slow with your doses, at first. Also, keep in mind Trainwreck will cause dry eyes and cottonmouth side-effects.

2 reviews for Trainwreck

  1. Tyrone

    Definitely one of the best sativas you guys have had… great smell and taste! Buds are dense too!!

  2. Todd

    So good.

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