Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Chocolates

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Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Chocolates Information

Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Chocolates Information


Even though you are expecting a delicious chocolate taste, one thing will manage to take you by surprise – its potency, the depth of its effects, and the nature of the experience. Just because you are getting Tri-Colour Ecuadorian in this tasty edible format, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect a dreamy trip.


The look and texture of this edible resemble that of regular chocolate: brown-looking with a creamy texture that will softly melt in your mouth. But don’t be quick to eat it all up, even though you’ll be tempted. Just from one bite, the effects can be stronger than you may expect. Know your tolerance level and ingest a dosage accordingly in order to have the best experience with these shroom-infused chocolates.


Tri-Colour Ecuadorian: What You Should Know


Tri-Colour Ecuadorian, also known as Ecuadorian cubensis, is quite the robust magic mushroom. The trip it provides can be very intense, including strong visuals as the high starts kicking in. This usually translates into an introspective high that carries a spiritual nature and a psychological revelation. Users commonly describe the high as a path to meaningful self-discovery.


The high provided by this strain doesn’t usually come with a body high, but its spiritual high is above average. This magic shroom, including these delicious Tri-Colour Chocolates, are recommended mainly for intermediate and advanced users because of how intense the high gets.


Effects and Medicinal Properties


This magic shroom carries one of the highest levels of psilocybin. The quantity of psilocybin contained in a mushroom determines its potency, which is why this edible provides such a strong and intense high.


Tri-Colour Ecuadorian is oftentimes used to help with cases of severe depression in which no other treatment can help. Individuals suffering from cases of PTSD and bipolar disorder generally also experience significant improvements when they ingest one of these tasty edibles.


These shroom-infused edibles can also help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and a variety of bodily aches such as headaches.


The euphoric, uplifting, and boosting mental effects are highly enjoyed by its users. A state of happiness, motivation, ease, and lightness can kick in quickly followed by a relaxation that moves into a sedative nature. This is when the world of your imagination bursts wide open into a colourful, spiritually rich, and unforgettable experience of self-discovery.

2 reviews for Tri-Colour Ecuadorian Chocolates

  1. Daria

    At first I felt rather giggly but didn’t notice much else happening. Visuals were unusual. Instead of psychedelic or melted or strobing, it was more like the architecture was being laid out for me to place my own imagery or intent. I normally experience synesthesia between audio and visual during trips. But since I had a lack of visuals, the audio seemed to merge with the sense of touch and movement. I swayed a lot to my chosen soundtrack, almost involuntarily. Smooth comedown, like being lulled to sleep. Would recommend!

  2. Ray

    Other than microdosing, I haven’t had a truly perceptual dose since the early 80’s so I took it slow.

    1/2 on an empty stomach gave me a light slightly energetic buzz. No giggles or body load, but a good mood and slight sparkle to things in the sunlight and best of all my sense of music was heightened. It also reminded me of the oneness that I felt back in the youthful days of megadosing acid, peyote, and shrooms etc.

    Oh yeah, dinner was amazing and the good mood lasted until day’s end.

    A small toke of mild sativa later on brought the buzz back and added incredible lucidity and creativity, and I just wanted to write ideas down for at least an hour. Note that this sativa is not a creative or psychedelic strain for me so I believe that it was mostly the shrooms.

    I think a psychedelic dose for me will start around 2.5 chocolates, but I am 80 kilos and microdose 200mg 2-3 times per week so you might need less.

    As for the chocolate, it was a slightly gritty like most shroom bars, but tasty none the less. Holding it in my mouth for a while sped up the onset slighty, and at this low dose the mild effects lasted about 4 hours.

    Next week, I will reserve a day to eat the other 2.5 and might follow it up later with a particularly trippy Romulan.

    Judging from the effects of the low dose, I predict a regular dose of this strain will bring insight and inspiration.

    Not that it matters, but I like the whimsical graphics on the wrappers.

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