Unflavoured Pet Tinctures

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30ml bottle

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Unflavoured Pet Tinctures Information

The Unflavoured Pet Tinctures, either at 120mg CBD or 300mg CBD, are Canadian-made with non-GMO and human-grade food ingredients. This CBD product for pets contains industrial hemp as a method of preserving and improving a pet’s overall health and lifestyle comfort. It should also serve as a relief from pains or injuries, its role being that of an analgesic.

In about 3-4 days, you should start noticing the effects that the tincture has on your dog. The no-flavour characteristic serves to prevent any negative reactions from your pet due to a dislikable flavour. Buy Unflavoured Pet Tinctures online on MMJDirect knowing that we ensure your security, discretion, and privacy while shopping on our platform!

How can this tincture help your pet?

Good question, really. CBD (or cannabidiol)), is a truly wonderful healthy treat for pets. We have witnessed this tincture help pets overcome seizures, anxiety, and various types of pain and arthritis. Dogs that could barely move are walking and often running again, which says a lot about the potency and therapeutic properties of this tincture. Your pet will most likely start recuperating slowly but steadily from its injuries or old age symptoms.

We recommend starting with a low dose and see how your pet reacts. Depending on the weight and stature, you should administer a different dose of the Unflavoured Pet Tinctures. For instance, we recommend starting with 4mg-10mg per serving once or twice a day for dogs up to 75lb.

For dogs heavier than that, you can start with 10mg-20mg per serving once or twice a day. Make any alterations starting from these recommendations and you should be seeing a healthy and happy dog in a few days. When you change the dose, do it in 4-5mg increments. Watch for the moment when your pet reacts the best to the tincture and maintain that dose!

Will your dog get high?

Our Unflavoured Pet Tinctures do not contain THC at all since many studies show the harmful effects it generally has on pets. We only use therapeutic CBD in products such as this one – they offer the most benefits to pets. So, no, your pet will not get high from this tincture.

1 review for Unflavoured Pet Tinctures

  1. Jeremy

    REally helped my dog with mobility. We have an older golden retriever with a limp, that vet explained might be helped with surgery and weeks of recovery. Vet recommended a CBD for pets and started using this one, it made a huge difference right away. She really has more mobility after just one dose.

  2. Luke

    works great give it to my dog every day

  3. Leia

    Great product. I sprinkled in my chihuahua’s food and I tried some myself (lol). We both felt the effects. My dog felt a lot calmer and fell asleep on me. We are both really happy with the results and the price is good compared to other compagnies.

  4. Trevor

    Really helped our old doggo. She couldn’t come up the stairs at night unless she was getting this every day. Had a few days where I didn’t have any on hand and had to carry her up. Highly recommend.
    sidenote, she drank a lot of water after getting a dose in her food.

  5. Kristy

    I purchased this for my Shitsu because she has severe anxiety. The product came very quickly, about 3 days. The product was well packaged. After a few days of giving this to my dog I noticed she started taking Interest in her toys again, she is more playful and her whining drastically slowed down. I would most definitely recommend this product.

  6. Judith

    My dog was diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy over a year ago in January 2019. I used to make CBD tincture for her but it has become difficult to acquire CBD isolate and terpenes are expensive. I am extremely happy with the results – seamless change over from home made tincture to Unflavoured Pet Tincture!

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