Vape Pen Kit (Honey Oil) by Social

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Vape Pen Kit (Honey Oil) by Social Information

The Social Vape Pen Kit (Honey Oil) has no VG, no PG, and no cutting agents that may lead to undesirable side-effects. Instead, this honey oil has only organic ingredients that provide the best cannabis experience possible. This Vape Pen Kit contains:

  • 100% pure honey cannabis oil
  • Battery
  • USB
  • Cartridge

If you want to smoke your cannabis using some of the best pen kits, then use the Social Vape Pen Kit (Honey Oil)! No artificial flavour ruin the taste of this cannabis oil, and the effects are just what you’d expect – pure sedation and euphoria. As soon as you take a smoke, you’ll feel the flavourful smoke hit your lungs and head at the same time. Your body relaxes amidst the sedative experience that puts you at sleep instantly!

How does the Social Vape Pen Kit affect you?

The cannabis oil included in the Social cartridge will hit your mind at almost the same time as it hits your body. Both experiences continue on in the same rhythm of euphoria and sedation. First comes the euphoria that dispels your negative thoughts and worries, then comes the relaxation that eliminates your pains and aches. If you have severe medical conditions that manifest in chronic pain, then the Social Vape Pen Kit (Honey Oil) will help you manage these symptoms.

After your charge up your vaporizer and load the cartridge, take your first smoke and savour it to the max! The first smoke is the one you’ll enjoy with full mental clarity and concentration. As for the other ones, your mind will already be clouded by the euphoric rush and sedative experience. Your body will go through a similar state of tranquility and soothing relaxation. The Social Vape Pen Kit is both handy and accessible for when you need a quality smoke!

How does the Social Vape Pen Kit work?

It’s simple – just connect the cartridge to the battery, and charge it if necessary. Though, the Social Vape Pen Kit comes fully charged when you buy it. After that, you can start smoking without a care in the world. The cannabis oil inside the cartridge is prime-quality, sourced from high-grade cannabis strains with special flavours!


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