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80% Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Violator OG Information

Violator OG, also known as Violator Kush, is a powerful cross between the well-known Hindu Kush and Malana strains. This cannabis strain is known for its great abilities to produce large yields of greatly resinous flowers on a short, bush-like plant. It can be grown indoors or outdoors.

It delights its users with the taste of spicy pine in harmony with a sharper spicy earthy aroma and it delivers a potent body high effect that can leave its users locked to the couch.

Understanding the Importance of Its Content

Violator OG is an Indica dominant hybrid, with a high of about 80%, leaving the Sativa level down at about 20%. Its THC content can average around 16-18%%, but it is quite common for it to reach as high as about 22%, or even 24%.

This cannabis strain is generally recommended for nighttime use, but it may prove helpful in the late afternoons as well when one is desperately in need of some relaxation after a strenuous workday. Its CBD content of about 1.5% is known to bring its users also into a more social and talkative state.

This cannabis strain is widely loved by many cannabis fans. The potent effects it brings is a favourite among its users. The impressive Indica properties of Violator OG are recognized amongst the award winners. In 2010, this cannabis strain won first place at the Canadian Cannabis Cup.

Its THC concentration generally acts quickly and with great strength. Its CBD content engaging with your system is what explains the robust sedating and relaxing effects of this hybrid.

The Beneficial Effects of Violator OG

Violator Kush is described as starting smoothly creating a warming body fuzz sensation, followed by a sense of euphoria that tends to accelerate quite quickly. Throughout the high, this cannabis strain is known to bring the effects of sedation to the user, which can be as strong as getting a couch-lock effect.

Being a highly potent hybrid, it may be ideal even to those individuals who suffer from chronic pain, regardless if it is caused by an injury or medical condition. Because it provides a potent physical high, it enables patients to move more easily and get their minds off of the discomfort of stiff muscles. Used as a muscle relaxant due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, this hybrid is an answered prayer to stubborn pain, such as joint pains, muscle spasms and migraines.

Violator OG is ideal for those suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, and even depression or anxiety. It has been reported to offer effective help in alleviating the mind from the suffocating burden of stress and anxiety. It can even be helpful in managing the symptoms and effects of ADHD, arthritis and asthma.

This hybrid has also proven efficiency in helping with digestive issues, helping those struggling with a loss of appetite, and experiencing nausea. And it doesn’t end here. This strain is also categorized as a highly social strain. During the high effect, the user may feel a potent cerebral stimulation. This can influence the individual to be more socially engaged and active. Due to its euphoric effect, it can significantly lift up one’s spirits and morale.

It pairs well with more relaxed activities, such as painting, crafts, light gardening, fishing, lounging and hanging out with friends. It is more suitable and recommended for the more experienced users.

If you are in need to get relief from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you can easily buy Violator OG online in Canada.

9 reviews for Violator OG

  1. Madeleine

    This is a lovely nighttime smoke! The buds came super fresh and sticky with a fresh, sweet smell and taste 🙂 I bought it to smoke before bedtime and while it didn’t knock me out like I expected, it was perfect for watching tv and getting ready for bed! Would definitely recommend for frequent to semi-frequent smokers as a nice safe sleepy high.

  2. Emmanuelle

    This product is bomb! Smell

  3. Derek

    I really enjoyed smoking this strain, the buds were very potent and not dry at all. It grinded up very nice and had me sleeping like a baby all night

  4. Ambrose

    Solid middle ground bud. Can smoke a little and get just high enough to function perfectly or smoke a lot and destroy yourself lol. Theres a reason it’s called violator OG. Never had a bad experience with this strain.

  5. Guillaume

    i enjoyed.. want more !

  6. Thomas

    Great taste! Excellent buzz.

  7. Hillary

    I really enjoyed this bud, it looks great and has a really nice buzz.

  8. Alex

    Looks crazy , smells crazy , taste crazy. One for the books ! Thanks mmjdirect love the products

  9. Graeme

    Daily chronic, I have trouble catching a buzz these days. This just came in the mail, and I gotta say, it is stellar! Delicious and strong. My compliments to the botanist…

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