Viridesco RSO Apricot Kush

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Viridesco RSO Apricot Kush Information

Viridesco RSO Apricot Kush is made from Apricot Kush flowers which contain approximately 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. This hybrid offers a wonderfully delicious aroma and flavour with notes of apricots followed by a euphoric high. This premium RSO by Viridesco is independently tested at MB labs to ensure each packaging carries over 72.90% THC and over 76.28% cannabinoids. 

Viridesco RSO Apricot Kush is a highly effective and potent cannabis concentrate that is created by extracting the best and most beneficial parts of the marijuana plant. The oil that results from this process is elegantly placed within a Patron Eos Dispenser offering an accurate dosing experience with each use down to the smallest millilitre. 

Beneficial Effects

This cannabis concentrate is widely used within the medicinal community for its impressive effects that carry pain-relieving properties. Viridesco RSO Apricot Kush is oftentimes used as a remedy for pain, including chronic pain, back pain, joint pain, nerve-related pain, and others. The powerfully high concentration of THC and other cannabinoids present in this cannabis oil makes this product immensely effective. 

Viridesco RSO Apricot Kush also carries uplifting and mood-boosting effects, helping those who oftentimes struggle with mood disorders, depression, anxiety, and stress. Its euphoric high can give you the positive boost you need to make the most of your day in a way that is productive and genuinely positive. 

The benefits don’t stop there. This potent concentrate can also increase one’s appetite and help those suffering from insomnia in a highly effective way. It is almost impossible to remain productive, clear-minded, and positive when you are not getting the restful sleep you need night after night. 

Ease of Use

Viridesco RSO Apricot Kush is very easy to use. Its packaging is compact that offers discretion, but it is also brilliant that ensures that its use remains easy and comfortable. The Eos Dispenser this RSO oil is packaged it offers precise dosing each time you use this product.

For the most potent effects and quickest absorption rate, we recommend placing it directly under your tongue for sublingual absorption. This concentrate is safe to use as an edible. You can also add it to your favourite dessert or beverage and consume it this way to enjoy its effects. 

Viridesco RSO Apricot Kush can also be vaped and smoked. Whichever is your preferred way of consuming cannabis oil, this product makes it possible for you to enjoy it the way you want it. 

1 review for Viridesco RSO Apricot Kush

  1. Jennifer

    This is the third time I bought this product. It is so good. I have tried other RSO but this is my favourite. I like the euphoric head high from it. It is great for day time high. It didn’t knock me out like other kinds. I add 1 or 2ml’s to a half a cup of our weed butter and make it into 24 cookies. I like it better in food, the high lasts longer and is stronger then eating by itself. I will definitely buy more of this!

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