Watermelon Zkittlez

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70% Indica dominant Hybrid Strain

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Watermelon Zkittlez Information

Just when you thought strains of weed couldn’t get any more over-the-top, here comes Watermelon Zkittlez. Featuring a bold combination of flavours, this Indica-dominant cross of Zkittlez and Watermelon offers a fruity, sweet flavour that will titillate anyone’s palate.

This strain is more than just a mashup of unusual flavours, though. It also packs a potent punch, with a THC percentage that can easily reach the mid- to high-20s. It also boasts a higher concentration of minor cannabinoids than most strains, clocking in at about 1 percent CBG and just under 1 percent CBD.

This means that it may have enhanced beneficial properties, like the ability to help reduce pain. These cannabinoids also work in synergy with one another to improve their overall effects. It’s also a great end-of-day strain thanks to its heavy Indica sedation.


  • Powerful Indica-dominant hybrid: often reaches 25 to 30 percent THC
  • Also contains high concentrations of minor cannabinoids like CBD and CBG
  • Entourage Effect empowers and enhances the effects of THC
  • Unique flavour reminiscent of sweet fruit, citrus, pepper, and herbs
  • Great end-of-day strain

Uses and Effects

Thanks to its Indica-heavy lineage, this strain has more powerful sedative effects than stimulating ones. It still features a powerful euphoric rush upon smoking, but that’s tempered by the relaxing vibes that Indicas normally produce. In addition, the presence of numerous minor cannabinoids can enhance the possible beneficial effects of this strain. It may be able to alleviate symptoms of issues like:

  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression

Aroma and Appearance

As soon as you pop open a container of Watermelon Zkittlez, you’ll be greeted by a loud flavour worthy of its name. This strain’s powerful aroma is only matched by its unique taste, which delivers powerful notes of sweet fruit, citrus, and herbal flavours.

These combine to make a heady mixture of aromas and tastes that can easily entrance any smoker. Its appearance is nothing to scoff at, either. With its broad base of colours and shiny sheen of trichomes, small nugs of this strain could easily be mistaken for actual skittles. Combine that with dense buds that easily crumble between the fingers, and you’ve got a winning indicia that just won’t quit.

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  1. Marc-Olivier

    very good i’m happy to consume this shit.

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