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  1. Ryan

    Incredible strain! Buds were sticky, sweet and absolutely massive. Wedding Breath checks so many boxes for me. Perfectly flushed and cured, the smoke is very smooth with notes of berry and vanilla. She hits hard and fast, too and soon leaves you feeling wholly content from head to toe. Great for relieving stress, muscle pain, depression and anxiety. I’d give this strain a 6th ⭐️ if I was able, it’s phenomenal!
    This kind of quality and craftsmanship simply doesn’t exist at dispensaries in Ontario, so a big thank you to all those at mmj direct for making it happen!

  2. Maude

    The smell was subtle but very nice, though I didn’t pay enough attention to pick out the particular terpenes, though there was a bit of fruit/citrus perhaps. The smoke was quite smooth and didn’t need to be re-lit almost at all, with low-medium coughing. The high hit quite fast, with burgers coming on reasonably early in the smoke (for those unfamiliar with the phrase, it’s when your lower eyelids puff up and make your eyes look like tiny hamburgers – the “burger eyes”).

    The high was intense and very pleasant, with depression and pain easing off very quickly. The intense part of the high, sadly, wasn’t so long-lasting, for an hour or so

    Great strain

    Taste 8.2/10
    Look 7.6/10
    Scent 7.6/10

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