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Wedding Cake by Gastown Collective Information

The Wedding Cake strain is Indica-dominant, and it showcases very powerful sedative effects, courtesy of Gastown Collective. It’s a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, some of the most flavourful and aromatic strains in the world. Similar to its parents, the Wedding Cake is very aromatic and sweet. The growers are a team from Canada, Gastown Collective, which have constantly taken us by surprise with prime-grade cannabis strains and products.

They’re used to the competitive market of cannabis and they’ve devised cutting-edge extraction and weed growing methods. The result is a series of high-impactful strains with unmatched flavour and excellent therapeutic benefits. Gastown Collective has made a couple of AAAA-type strains before, showing that they’re entirely capable of creating top-notch cannabis strains. The Wedding Cake is just one of their latest successes, one that they’ve tested beforehand for quality and purity.

What does Wedding Cake look and taste like?


Wedding Cake isn’t just a sedative strain that’ll relax your body and mind. It has other impressive aspects, such as the colourful appearance and the sweet flavour. In terms of appearance, this strain has dark-green leaves and a thick layer of frosty trichomes covering everything. The orange hairs sprout everywhere, penetrating through the resinous trichomes, creating a surreal picture that convinces you to try this strain!

In terms of flavour and aroma, Wedding Cake doesn’t over-complicate things. Instead, it focuses on its sweet berry flavour that’s taken to an extreme. As soon as you unwrap this strain, the rich berry aroma will send your mind spinning with enthusiasm. Taste it and you’ll improve on this feeling, as your taste buds get a taste of the truly flavourful Wedding Cake! The fruity aftertaste leaves your mouth wanting more and more.

What are the effects of Wedding Cake?


Wedding Cake does what an Indica-dominant strain is supposed to do, which is heal physical afflictions. Firstly, though, comes the euphoria and energetic drive common to Sativas. After all, this strain as 40% Sativa inheritance, which manifests in great strides of euphoric happiness. The THC concentration reaches 15-18%, and in its best days, this strain can reach up to 25%. Clearly, it’s quite potent in its own right.

The best effects come toward the height of the peak, when your body becomes rejuvenated and healed by an overflow of relaxation and sedation. Whether we’re talking about chronic pain, muscular soreness, and aches, Wedding Cake alleviates most of these symptoms. Especially if you take an extra smoke or two, just to add some more pain relief to the equation. Experience the sweet berry taste and get your appetite up by taking a smoke from Wedding Cake!

3 reviews for Wedding Cake by Gastown Collective

  1. Patrick

    Simply amazing flower !

  2. Randall

    Very nice smell and taste. It’s a good high, very good for the times you want to sit back and relax.

  3. Dannick

    Wow just wow i don’t have a Word for explain how wonderful this weed is if you like the sweet stuff with garde buzz Buy it right now

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